The Flamingo – Sex Devil Product

I am so very much pleased with this product because it gave me the best orgasm ever so I would say this product is worth spending money on it. Previously, the sex toy that I was using was totally a waste of money, I bought it from a store and lady told me it works fabulous but it was complete disappointment and the frustrating thing was battery issues.

I always wished to enjoy a long lasting session, with this product “Flamingo” my wish came true and I looked another fantastic world during times of sexual arousal. It is so amazing. This Sex devil toy worked brilliantly when I connected it with the magic motion app via my phone and I played it on different vibration modes, as mentioned on the instructions, I saved a playlist of vibration mode which gave me swirling sensations inside my Vagina.

I enjoy playing that playlist whenever I am in a mood I also experienced the amusement with this little toy during intimate evenings with my husband, just inserted it in me and my partner and it was great fun..! My husband loved it too and he has same comments about this product that it is great sex toy to reach climax in unison. I prefer using this product after applying suitable amount of lubricant which greatly enhances the smooth insertion.

I will give this product 5 out of 5 stars, because I loved its performance, its quality, its colour and packaging in which it was delivered to me. I have recommended it to my friend as well. She has totally become fan of this product and she told me it works so well for her too, so I would say what are you people waiting for, go and enjoy the wonders of this Falmingo.

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