10 Best Penis Sleeves – We Found the King of Cock Sleeves in 2020

A penis sleeve is a product that is worn over the real penis to increase its size and girth for extra pleasure.

ImageWhy I picked it
Megamighty 3 Cock Sleeve
Best Price
#1 Mega Mighty 3

  • A Transparent penis extension that will add extra girth and inches to your penis

  • Perfect for couples looking to increase 1-3 inches to your fantasies.

  • Realistic shape and texture for life like sensation and stimulation

  • Added ball loops keeps it in place during play

  • Decreases the sensation on your penis and allows a long lasting play

Twin Teasers Textured Penis
Best Price
#2 Twin Teasers Textured Penis Sleeves

  • If you are someone seeking penetrative play then this is the best combo

  • Rigged and Bobbled sleeves to try on

  • Transparent sleeve that let you see through

  • holds your penis with its stretchable material (Fits any size)

  • Simple yet most effective

sleeve with rabbit vibrator
Best Price
#3 Vibrating Penis Sleeve with Clitoral Rabbit Vibrator

  • Shared fantacy with a stretchy sleeve and vibrating rabbit

  • A Great product for couples looking for enhanced fun

  • Home Alone? You can remove the vibrator and use it exclusively

X-Tensions 2 Extra Inches

Best Price
#4 Fantasy X-Tensions 2

  • Your boring sex life gets extra girth, realistic feel and extra 2 inches

  • Increased sensitivity of vibrations

  • Lifelike cock with veiny texture to add extreme sensation

  • Stratchy sleeves that hugs your penis tightly and stay in place

  • Temperature responsive material

Adonis textured

Best Price
#5 Adonis Textured 2

  • Adds two extra inches of length and one inches of girth

  • Inside and Outside textured with stimulating nodules and ridges

  • Lifelike cock that gives realistic experience

  • Can fit almost anyone with a dick

  • Cleaning & wearing is super easy

VixSkin Colossus Silicone Penis
Best Price
#6 VixSkin Colossus Silicone Penis Extender

  • 7 circumference

  • Curved sleeves that points itself to G-Spot and gives extreme pleasure

  • Built with VixSkin material that gives realistic feel

  • Lifelike texture with veiny skin and natural like head

  • Stable ball loop to make sure it stays in place during sex

  • Textured canals inside to massage and penetrate your penis

Fantasy X-Tensions 2

Best Price
#7 Fantasy X-Tensions 2

  • Adds 2 inches of extra length and 34% extra girtch

  • Lifelike Experience and design

  • Enhanced sensation with realistic head and veiny texture

  • Temperature responsive material

Vibro Mega Mighty

Best Price
#8 Vibro Mega Mighty

  • Penis sleeve with inbuilt vibrator, extra girth and length

  • Vieny texture and detailed realistic design for lifelike experience and sensation

  • inbuilt Clit Ticklers to add additional pleasures

  • Ball loop for long lasting stability of sleeve in place

  • Increased sensitivity of vibrations with 7 various modes

1 Extra Inch Silicone Penis Extender
Best Price
#9 Silicone Penis Extender Clear

  • Made with premium silicon material to add extra 1 inch to you penis

  • designed for Long lasting play

  • Lifelike Veins and head to give your partner the real buzz

  • Stretch sleeve that can fit almost any dick

  • Can be fastned around your ball for stable play

2 Extra Inches Clear Textured Penis

Best Price
#10 Textured Penis Extender

  • Intense Texture with 2 extra inches added

  • Use it only for a shorter time to avoid painful play for your partner

  • Monster like nubs, ridges and bumps creates perfect stimulation to her

  • Hand-used pump which is easy to use and can remove or change pressure as per your requirement

  • Ball loop fastens the sleeve very well

  • Transparent

One might say that these sleeves are basically dildos that can be worn comfortably and can be enjoyed even with your real penis, unlike dildos. People also think of these sleeves as strap on without belts but the only difference is that they can be worn directly over the dick, so a male can wear it, unlike strap-ons which can be worn by females too. The benefit is that it does provide pleasure to the person who is wearing it unlike the strap on that only excites the person who is being penetrated with a strap on. These penis sleeves are not just rubber extensions which just provide girth to your penis, the new developments in the sex toy industry has also poured its magic on these extensions the same way. The makers have tried to make penis sleeves as realistic as possible with all the detailing and lifelike features very similar to that of a real penis.

Penis sleeves are the easiest way to satisfy your partner in case you have a short dick and these are very affordable too. Their usage is also highly convenient and these sleeves do not demand high maintenance. They easily fit over the penis and can be held stiff by a rubber loop that can be attached to the ball, commonly known as a ball strap.

Penis sleeves are available in the market with many different names. Just so you don’t get confused with the names, they are available under the tags:- penis sleeves, penis enhancer, penis extensions, etc. These are all the same.

Just like every other sex toy available in the market, these penis sleeves also come in different sizes, shapes, materials (like silicone, TPE, rubber, latex) and colors. Some are bought for their lifelike detailing, some for their beauty and other for their big size and girth. Whatever floats your boat! Some penis sleeves are also electronic which have advanced features like vibration.

On the other hand, People experiencing premature or quick ejaculation during intercourse can use these penis sleeves to increase their sex time as these sleeves lessen the sensation delivered to the male and increase the sensations for their partners. Isn’t it a lifesaver?

The Penis Sleeves perfect buying guide!


Types and main characteristics you need to know before buying a Dick Sleeve

  • As we have mentioned above that there are many types, materials, and shapes of penis extensions to choose from. We can talk about every type separately.
  • Silicone penis sleeves– Silicone is widely used in the manufacture of many kinds of sex toys since it is very durable. It is non-porous, non-toxic, and very safe on the skin. Its texture feels like real skin and it’s soft and its texture is highly realistic. It does not demand high maintenance and it is very easy to keep and clean.
  • Rubber – Rubber is also used widely in the manufacture of sex toys and it is also very safe and non-porous. There are a lot of people who prefer rubber toys and it’s flexibility and stretching options make it a very good choice.
  • Vibrating penis sleeves- These sleeves can definitely add a bit more spice to your intercourse as these dick sleeves provide sensations to both the parties. If you and partner are into sex with a pinch of vibration, the vibration dick sleeves are the deal. This can turn out to be real fun
  • Penis head sleeves– There are penis who do not really look for a while sleeve but just want to enhance the size of their penis head. If you are looking for something in the same vertical, penis head sleeves can be the right choice and these caps are really very easy to use.
  • Open-ended penis sleeve– Some men have no problem with their dicks when it comes to length but they are not really satisfied with their girth. Open-ended penis sleeves are perfect for these kinds of men. They are open at both ends and only cover the periphery of your dick.

Choosing the right size

The first thing that a male needs to consider while buying a penis sleeve is that it shouldn’t be bought according to the desires of the person wearing it but according to the desire of their partners. Your partner is the one who is going to experience both the size and the girth so it’s important to buy a toy that your partner likes. Some men might think that having an extra-large penis would surely please their partners so they go for it without thinking. For their knowledge, there are many women who think that an extra-large penis is a cause of pain and discomfort. There are many bodies that are not designed for girthy penetrations and it might degrade their health. To boil it down, women are not a big fan of length, what they prefer more is the girth of the penis so it is advisable to not for extra inches but extra diameter. Ask your partners if they want ridges or beads on the surface or if there is any specific complexion that they desire. Ask them exactly what kind of orgasms do they want or are they looking solely for something that makes g-spot stimulation easier. People with short penises can go both long and broad dick extensions to have an all-rounder penis in bed.

Choosing the right material, shape, and texture

The most common materials used for making dick extensions are rubber, silicone, and TPE.

All of these materials are non-toxic, non-porous, and are safe on the skin. They are soft but firm enough to provide a realistic feel. Dick extensions do not come in materials like glass and steel because considering that it has to be worn on the penis, it would not be good if the penis gets hurt since it is a very sensitive part. The material of these dick extensions is perfect and makes sure the user doesn’t feel any kind of discomfort while wearing or using it. Many penis sleeves have detailed veins and ridges shaped exactly like that of a real penis which makes these toys even more desirable. Many dick sleeves have prominent ridges and beads on their surface that enhance the sexual sensations for your partner makes them cum in seconds. The penis sleeves that are curved at the end are specially designed to reach the g-spot easily so if you are looking for a dick extension primarily for g-spot stimulation, you should definitely go for a curved one.

Dear Readers, we have reviewed penis sleeves/extensions from around the global market to provide you a perfect buying guide for a heavenly and perfect penis!

We have made it easy for you to choose from a wide range of types, colors, sizes, materials, as our list is highly versatile and we have only the best-handpicked products.

Have a look at our list and once you are done reading it, you’d have a clear choice in your mind and you’d be ready to just buy and enjoy!

We have narrowed down our list to the ten best penis sleeves available in the market and we will give you a quick review and description of each and every product, at last, the choice is all yours!

Ten best penis sleeves available in the market in 2020


Duo Clit Climax-Her Vibrating Penis Sleeve


This product is the arousal master of all the other products, it’s a girth extender along with rabbit ears for providing a combo pack. The rabbit ears make it aesthetically more appealing to many people and it vibrates to rub the clit while pounding. The ball hoop in this sleeve is tight and stretchy which presses the veins and delays the ejaculation time.

The brand new design fits just perfectly on your dick and you won’t ever have to worry about the ball hoop, it’s super stretchy and you won’t feel bound at all. Additionally, the open-ended tip will make sure you don’t feel any less of arousal on wearing it, you will get the sensations the same way you used to before wearing it.

The 2 mini bunny ear structures might look cute to you, but they’re actually very powerful, they can leave you completely withered. They are programmed to have 5 different modes of vibration with an easy to use the remote controller.

Make sure you use a water-based lubricant before wearing the sleeve, it will help multiply your Arousal by a huge factor.

Cleaning this is also very easy, just clean it in warm water and use non-abrasive soaps or a good quality sex toy cleaner and watch it glow again.

Key Features:
  • Hyper-realistic penis sleeve spicing up your bedroom games by adding additional girth, length and incorporating a vibrator along with it.
  • Feels very real, the veins and the real-feel material of which this is made of are perfect and you won’t feel like you’re using an artificial extender

Price: £34.99



  • Spacing and vibration intensity of the nibs is perfect
  • Optimum girth for best pleasure

Slick and slim design


  • The hoop for surrounding the balls is somewhat slim, might break if not handled with care


Bondara Crusader

Bondara Crusader

Ready to finally experience the double penetration with your lover? We present you the 14-inch monster which has an 8-inch cock sleeve and 3-inch anal plug. The structure is very well defined with detailed veins and nerve endings all over it, making it a hard and long silicone shaft with an even harder tip.

The anal plug can also be used to keep your sleeve intact with your penis in a single position, the ball ring ensures that the sleeve is intact with the penis and helps prolong your ejaculation.

If you’re ready to reach the epitome of pleasure then this is meant for you! Let the butt plug move in sync with the thrusting motion of your partner’s dick and experience how it stimulates all of your sweet spots and gets you high on multiple orgasms. Yes, multiple orgasms.

The long penis shaft and the butt plugs are designed in order to stimulate the arousal spots and intensify the experience and take it to another level

TIP: Use the butt plug with a lube, otherwise it might end up hurting your sensitive asshole.

Built Information

Price: £22.99

Color:   Black

Material:   Silicone

Extension: 3 inches

Total Length:  8 inches

Diameter:   2 inches

Insertable Length:  3.5 inches

Diameter at Widest:   1.75 inches

Ball Ring Diameter:    1.5 inches

Total apparatus length: 14 inches

Waterproof:    Yes


  • Realistic penis extension with vein details to add stimulation for your partner
  • Ball ring to help the cock sleeve stay in place
  • Made with smooth silicone for a comfortable experience


  • Only black color available

Purple Silicone Vibrator Penis Sleeve

purple silicon vibrator

Ever thought of “double the trouble”? Well, not so sure about trouble but now you can double the pleasure and even multiply the sensation you get by strengthening the intensity of vibration of those little bunny ears attached specifically for rubbing your partner’s clitoris.

Get ready to extend the length of your penis for deeper penetration and giving your partner the pleasure they deserve!

The ball hoop attached at the end helps the user to keep it intact and doesn’t let it twist on your penis. Now you can integrate both, rubbing and pounding at the same time without worrying about anything. When activated, the head also vibrates to some extent and thus, gives pleasure to the user as well.

This is a pleasure-promising sleeve made up of soft silicone material that feels very soft on the skin.

Built Information

Color:   Purple

Material:   Silicone

Features:   Very Stretchy Silicone with Rabbit Clitoral Vibrator

Length:   5.5 Inches

Width:   2 Inches at Widest Point

Flexibility:   Yes

Waterproof:   Yes

Power:   2 X LR1130

A happy and satisfied customer said:

“Great fun! We both love it, great if you’re looking to try something new!”


Feel Real Enhancer

Feel Real Enhancer

This is a savior for the people with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and one of the most satisfying artificial shafts present in the market. The results shown by this sleeve are really appreciable. It is an affordable, non-surgical option for ED patients.

This is a feel-good sleeve, it can be personalized and cut at the tip in order to allow the head of your penis to come out and feel the touch of your partner’s body directly. It is very soft and stretchable, fits almost all sizes. It hugs your penis tightly and squeezes your balls very gently in order to avoid premature ejaculation, and the open-ended structure will thus let you experience the climax of the session with your own skin, it won’t come in your way to feel the stimulation.

Cleaning this sleeve is also pretty easy, just avoid any abrasive soap or detergent and use warm water and you’re good to go.

If you face problems like Premature Ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction, you should definitely go for this sleeve and see the difference yourself.

  • Price: $28
  • Color:   Nude Beige
  • Material:   Silicone
  • Features:   Soft and smooth
  • Length:   7 Inches
  • Width:   1.5 Inches
  • Inner Diameter:  1 inch
  • Flexibility:   Flexible
  • Waterproof:   Yes
  • Weight:  0.39 lbs.



  • Girth increment by 33%
  • Real dick-like touch
  • The ball-hook helps in increasing the time of ejaculation by keeping it pressed


  • Overall the penis is bland, lacks minute detailing
  • Some people might not find plain and smooth penises very arousing

Grand Mamba

Grand Mamba

Welcome to fancy penis land. This is one of the most fashionable looking sleeves, it has a jockstrap and a crystal clear huge penis attached at the front. You can see your own dong even after wearing it. The stretchable elastic strap fits almost everyone and is made up of a soft material that doesn’t cause any issues related to skin.

The penis is enormous and engraved with a real looking tip that penetrates and pleases the G-spot and A-spot with the bare minimum effort. There is another large hole at the bottom which allows your balls to hang outside


Price: $67.50

Color:   transparent

Material:   TPE-Elastic

Features:   One size, which fits most of the dick sizes

Length:   8.5 inches

Insertable Length: 8 inches

Diameter:  2 inches

Flexibility:  Somewhat flexible

Waterproof:   Yes



  • Has a voguish jock-strap look while adding size to your cock
  • Real penis-like head


  • Only transparent color available
  • Isn’t suitable for the newbies


Colt Slugger

Colt Slugger

The Colt Slugger is contoured in a very fine manner to boost the size of your partner’s dick. The all over this sleeve are really attractive and feel really good to touch. The soft material feels like real skin when touched and pressed.

It’s not just one partner, both of them are benefited from the increased size, one gets to experience the penetration and the other gets to feel the internal ribbing and excessive arousal near the tip region. It is made of pure skin material and the shape is such that it fits perfectly over any size of the dick.

Using a lubricant will get you the best results, the stimulation will hit on a higher level when you wet the slugger with some lube and then penetrate it in any one of your partner’s holes. You can use this for feeling more intimacy and to spice up your sex life


Price: $17.99

Color:   Black

Material:   TPE

Features:   One size, which fits most of the dick sizes

Length:   6 inches

Girth Addition: 1.75 inches

Diameter:  2 inches

Flexibility:  Flexible

Waterproof:   Yes



  • Grained inner chamber for added stimulation
  • Stretches to fit anyone’s penis


  • Lacks external detailing
  • Isn’t suitable for the rookies


Linx Emperor

Linx Emperor

The Linx Emperor sleeve doesn’t just enhance your length, it improves your girth as well as the texture of the surface. The level of amplification is tremendous, the user will actively feel the difference after wearing it.

The major plus point of this sleeve is that it has engraved designs for optimum pleasure output, on internal as well as the external surfaces. The ribbed structure will please your lover’s sweet spots and the internal engravings will not let you feel left out.

Pass your balls through the loop provided in the sleeve after sprinkling some amount of lube and let it take care of the business, it won’t slip off or twist even a bit. The stretchy TPE material ensures that it fits almost all the sizes and if you’re into the antique aesthetic looking goods, you should definitely go for it.

The magnificent look appeals to many people and at the same time the tip of this sleeve is comparatively hard and to apply the right amount of pressure when used.


Price: $25

Material:   TPE

Length:   7 inches

Diameter:  ~2 inches

Flexibility:  Flexible

Waterproof:   Yes

Phthalates:  Phthalates- free



  • Well-textured internally as well as externally
  • Very stretchy


  • May not be aesthetically pleasing to some


Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3

Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3

The Mega Mighty Sleeve has a huge number of detailed textured nibs and love bumps in order to please all the arousal spots of you and your partner. The extent of stimulation it provides is unmatchable by most of the other sleeves present in the market!

This exceptional penis sleeve is really comfortable to use and the company claims that you are going to love the supreme quality of this sleeve. The material used is very soft and extremely hygienic. Cleaning won’t be an issue, all you need is a little bit of warm water and a cleaner to wipe it out.

Take out your lube and sprinkle some over and get ready to have the best time of your sex life!

Built Information

Price: $14.95

Colour:   White

Material:   TPE/TPR

Canal Diameter:   1.2 inches

Length:   5 inches

Internal Length: 5 inches

Diameter:  2 inches

Flexibility:  Flexible

Waterproof:   Yes

Phthalates: Phthalates-free



  • It’s ribbed texture and bumpy surface amazingly teases all the erogenous spots inside your partner’s vagina or anus.
  • Its holding capacity is great, providing a comfortable and uninterrupted play session.


  • The looks are not top-notch therefore it might not please everyone’s eyes
  • People looking for a rather beautiful sleeve should not go for this.


Bondara So Vein

Bondara So Vein

Are you ready to face the real monster? Yes, this is the artificial version of the ‘Big Black Cock’ you’ve heard about all your life. This massive monster cock is 10 inches long with real veins-like structures engraved on the outer surface, the material is extremely soft and flexible.

The ball ring fits perfectly over your testicle’s sack and avoids unnecessary twisting or detachment. If you’re not a big fan of the big black cocks, don’t be disheartened, there’s another option of choosing a light tone. The extra 2.5 inches are basically the tip of this artificial dick which is comparatively harder than the shaft for offering really arousal effects.

This belongs to the category of sleeves which is capable enough to make your pussy drool and make you weak in the knees just by going inside you!

Make sure you apply some lube before using, otherwise the large girth and enormous size might hurt your sensitive parts.

Built Information

Price: £24.99

Colour:   Black OR Light tone

Material:   Silicone

Total Length:   10 inches

Insertable Length: 7.5 inches

Diameter:  2 inches

Flexibility:  Flexible

Waterproof:   Yes

Phthalates: Phthalates-free



  • Ball hoop ensures that sleeve remains intact while pounding


  • Ball hoops might be small for some people, use of lube is advised


Classic Penis Enlargement- 6 pieces bundle

Classic Penis Enlargement- 6 pieces bundle

If you’re a rookie and came here looking for the best kit to start your magical journey with sex toys, you’ve come to the right place! This is the ideal kit for beginners.

This kit consists of:

  • Stimulating penis pump
  • Massage sleeve
  • Set of 3 transparent cock rings
  • Penis enlargement cream (fabricated with safe-to-skin materials)

You can use the penis pump and connect it to the sleeve manually and start massaging your dong. Apply the mentioned safe amount of enlargement cream and see the results soon.

The best part is that you can actually use the enlargement cream while stimulating your penis and getting the pleasure you want

You can use the perfectly ribbed sleeve to increase your dick size instantaneously which comes with a ball hoop to stretch and keep your balls squeezed very softly to multiply the stimulation level.

A set of 3 cock rings is also provided, all of them with different sizes and designs. They are all clear like glass but the level of satisfaction and arousal you get is unparalleled.


Price: $29.99

Colour:   Clear

Material:   Silicone

Insertable Length: 6 inches

Diameter:  2 inches

Flexibility:  Flexible

Cock rings: 3 units

Waterproof:   Yes

Phthalates: Phthalates-free



  • Multiple cock-rings are available to different sized-fitting
  • Pump can be used with a cream which comes along with the set


  • The cock size is 6 inches only, if you need a larger size, you might want to reconsider


How to Use a Penis Sleeve (Penis Extension)?

To start with, a penis sleeve must only be worn when your penis is totally erect. It is important to not at all try it on without a boner as it might even hurt the muscles of your penis or your penis might bend and cause pain. It is better if you follow all the usage instructions properly and learn to wear the penis sleeve when your penis is half erect and it will fit in and fill up space inside as you get harder with foreplay.

As it is advised, lubrication is very important whenever you are playing with any kind of sex toy. To avoid any itch or inconvenience, a coat of water-based lubricant should be applied to the penis so that the wearer doesn’t go through any discomfort. It is also necessary to coat the outer surface of the extension while inserting it into a partner’s vagina or anus. It makes sure that it glides in easily and the surface area or the texture of the sleeve doesn’t harm your partner’s genital area as it is too sensitive.

Talking about all the necessary instructions to he followed before and after using a sex toy, hygiene comes first. Like all the other sex toys, it is advised that you clean your penis sleeve before and after intercourse to avoid any kind of germ build-up on it as overlooking the cleaning part might cause irritation, itchiness, or even rashes to either you or your partner. It might also lead to an infection and that is something nobody would ever want. So, cleaning is a must!

How to Clean a Penis Sleeve?

  • An amalgamation of light soap and water can be used to soak the toy or you can simply wash it with bare hands or gloves on.
  • Do not scrub the surface of your toy as it might deteriorate the texture or the quality of your sleeve or it might make the surface rough.
  • Harsh detergents must be avoided.
  • Proper cleaning increases the life and the durability of your sex toy and they go a long way with you.
  • The toy must be cleaned before and after usage. Keeping it unclean for a long time might give way to bacteria developing on it.
  • Do not expose your toy to direct sunlight and keep it in a closed container or wrapped in a cloth to avoid any germ build-up.


Why Use a Penis Sleeve?

Penis sleeves were primarily invented in the late 1960s for men who had erectile dysfunction (ED) which is common and prevalent even today and the lack of availability of medicines like Viagra led to the invention of these sleeves. ED has found a cure in today’s world so penis sleeves aren’t really the product you should look for if you have ED. These sleeves are the real saviors when your penis gets hard and soft simultaneously because of changing moods or changing temperatures. It can also work when your partner demands you to give more thrusts even after you have finished

People now use it for increasing their bed-time or experiencing different levels of arousals with the penis sleeves on. People also just think of these sleeves as a savior for monotonous or boring sex life.


Benefits of Wearing a Cock Sleeve during intercourse-

Penis sleeves instantly enhance the length and the girth of your penis giving you instant confidence about your penis and it also can become glorious to the eyes of the partner if you look big. Your partner can experience different kinds of penetrations with the sleeves on.

Penis sleeves can not only increase the size of your penis but also the shape of it. Different shapes can bring variety to intercourse and can give your partner different kinds of sensations through different levels of penetration. It is better if you wear these penis sleeves and have sex in different positions. Positions that allow the deepest penetrations like missionary and cowgirl would definitely be extremely pleasurable and positions like doggy style would gain extra thrust with these penis sleeves.

There are also some penis sleeves that are designed especially for g-spot and P-spot stimulation. Then there comes the vibrating penis extension which is the gangster of clitoral stimulation.

Cock sleeves help you last longer in bed adding more to your partner’s satisfaction by creating a barrier between your dick and your partner’s vagina/anus which makes you feel lesser sensations while your thrust inside your partner.

If you think that the person wearing a cock sleeve won’t feel any sensation at all, you are wrong. Many dick extensions are designed in such a way that provide enough extra girth and are still thin enough to make you feel every sensation during sex.

People who have premature ejaculation (PE) often feel anxious while having sex. They constantly try to stop themselves from ejaculating while they are having sex. This not only makes them focus less on the enjoyable part but also degrades their performance in bed. They can use a dick sleeve while sex to firstly improve their performance in bed and last longer and secondly they can work on their anxiety and can enjoy their sex to the fullest.

As a new customer, the honeycomb maze of the dick sleeve market might confuse you and there is a possibility you might end up buying a product that you might like in the long run or your partner might want to use if often because it is not what your partner desired. The best way to curb this confusion is to talk to your partner about every single expectation that they have from a sex toy. Talk specifically about the size because it’s important they can bear the girth or else it would hurt your partner or be uncomfortable. Some people having a long but thin penis might only want to go for a girth extender and some people having a thick but short dick might want length. It is important you choose one according to what is lacking in your penis.


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