Best Penis Extenders & Cock stretchers for Real Results

Making a woman sexually satisfied reveals a guy’s skill on the bed, which is not everybody’s cup of tea. A large-sized, power-packed, rigid dick is the ultimate asset of a man’s physique that can make ladies crazier. The lewd sound of sexual desire with the foreplay can turn into a satisfactory scream when you let her play and enjoy the robust dick. Undoubtedly, women cannot control themselves when a sleepy snake awake in front of their eyes with the fullest expansion. She will love to jump on it to give a mind-blowing blowjob, suck it like a candy, and play with it like a toy while giving a handjob and footjob. Well, that is not all, as a woman want to acquire every bit of a stiff penis by roaming it all over her body, placing the tits upon it, and touching the head with her tongue. Meanwhile, her hidden asset will get mad to meet with your trouser weapon to get powerful strokes with ceaseless sexual artistry. The more you invade your lady’s pussy with a rock-hard cock, her expectations will increase equally. Playing the naughty game with numerous poses without getting tired will reveal your ultimate manhood. You can make her exhausted with your unstoppable encountering skill, and for all these screwing actions, the credit goes your powerful penis.

Having the desired woman or crush on the bed to play the seductive sexual act is the dream of many guys. But, maximum time, the result does not come out with complete satisfaction from both sides, and the reason behind it is a flaccid, feeble penis. Many men even cannot pursue the dream for the shaky dick to have wild sexual intercourse with the hottest diva.  These conditions resulted in disappointments in men with weakly penis.

Well, there is no more dissatisfaction with the cock, as now men can give their weird-looking hidden weapon a perfect shape and size with the fullest strength, and to get the desired dick, no medical surgery or pill consumption requires. It all grows in a completely natural process. Are you surprised?

In today’s highly advanced life, medical theory and technology altogether make everything possible. You must hear that modern-mechanism adapted machines help in various ways to improve the sexual skill of men and women. A penis stretcher is one of the most recommended technical devices that help outstandingly in penis elongation, erection, and matured ejaculation.

The penis stretching devices have all the scientific methods to work effortlessly, which are rocking the market in recent times with excellence, durability, and affording budgets. The competition is much higher to select the best one among top-listed extenders. So, here for clients’ appropriate knowledge, all the particulars of modern-age stretchers described in detail.

What Are the Penis Extenders?

The penis extender is a scientifically designed tool that improves the blood circulation around the penis shaft, and stretches the penile tissues, creating appropriate tension around. The stretchers offer non-surgical penile extending support, following advanced biological processes. The device has two edges. One needs to fix at the base area of the pubic region, whereas the other gets fixed at the frontal part. The head portion contains a strap or other fixing point. The base area contains ring made-off medical-grade material.

New-age automated stretchers help in curing Peyronie’s disease, including penis elongation, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction. Penis extenders can provide a robust penis permanently that resulted in outstanding bedtime expertise if wear for a specific duration daily for at least six months.


How do Penis extenders work?

Most of the men doubt the working efficiency of penis extenders. Some guys pull and stretch the dick, but it does not bring the desired result all the time. Penis extenders work effortlessly by creating tension around the shaft, which eventually develops the size by length, as well as girth. The traction mechanism works in a scientific method and gradually increases the blood flow under the penile skin that makes the tissues active. These penile tissues then increase in number through the cell division process, which eventually develops the size with permanent penis elongation.

Penile stretchers bring the appropriate result when users wear it for 4-6 hours a day for half of the year. The improvement, although one can notice after the first month with significant development of the penile condition.


What sort of results did users receive?

Penis extenders bring all types of development in a flaccid penis that overall uplift the sexual strength of a man. The sorts of results you can receive, using the tool noted down below:

  • An advanced penis extender, first of all, improves the length and the girth of a penis
  • Hi-tech stretchers increase the penis size up to 32% for six months of continuous use
  • It removes the issues related to erectile dysfunction by increasing the functionality of up to 36%
  • Highly-automated stretchers help in curing Peyronie’s disease that causes curvature penis

Some technically crafted modern penis stretching tools helps like various penis pumps and cock stretchers in preventing premature ejaculation

The 8 Best Penis Extenders that we found

The numbers of advanced technology adapted penis extenders are increasing as time moves on, which makes it confusing to choose the right one. Here, the details of leading eight cock extenders described with features, advantages, and disadvantages. Check out the details below:

Quick Extender Pro – Review

Quick Extender Pro  

This is the ultimate comfort giving product along with outstanding effectiveness. The additional gaining is the Rizer XL pills that increase the penis growth-stimulating power to the next level.

Features: Exclusive strap adapted stretcher designed with a dual silicon relief system. The forward-looking memory foam equipped comfort pads, including highly-efficient springs, produce more tension. 4000-grams maximum longitudinal force the machine offers for penile tissues gradual expansion. The secured design offers convenient utility to this stretcher, which comes with DVD sets of volume six. Quick Extender Pro tagged as Dual Strap System of second-generation cock stretcher.


  • The light-weighted product does not have slippage issue
  • Aluminum made-off item provides comfort exceptionally
  • Efficient yet power-packed tension offering secure product
  • The price is reasonable, despite having the best quality features
  • Different storing option for the home, as well as for a trip
  • DVD, eBook, and many other complimentary elements come along
  • Four packages for different requirements of customers


  • There is no disadvantage recorded to date regarding the functionality, but the selection of the appropriate product, as per requirement becomes quite problematic
  • Manufacturers sometimes respond much later, due to excess client base
  • They only send feedback if people leave a message for them



SizeGenetics – Review


SizeGenetics is the well-recommended product that has been in the market since 1995. This stretcher offers the best assistance to straighten a curved cock, alongside penile enlargement. So, surgeons even suggest this type-1 medical tool to the patients.

Features: Clinically proven extreme transaction producing device can create transaction tension maximum 2800-grams, which is almost 50% more than other market available extenders. Users can experience prime comfort due to its transaction mechanism that increases cell division around the penile shaft. The machine helps in holding extreme capacity blood and works efficiently on ligaments extension.


  • The durable product offers flawless support for years-long
  • It can enlarge the penis within six months by 28% in length and 20% in girth
  • This scientific device cures Peyronie’s disease appropriately
  • The best quality product comes with the months-long guarantee
  • It increases erection and reduces premature ejaculation by increasing stamina
  • DVD, eBooks are available in the kit for better illustration


  • This extender has an old-fashioned comfort feature, so it cannot give complete utility satisfaction like other devices.


Phallosan Forte – Review

Phallosan Forte

This is the easy-to-wear dick extender that you can attach with the dick and can have a social communication with others by doing routine works effortlessly. This extender causes no problem while you meet family or friends at a party, or do a regular job.

Features: The secure device crafted with standard quality material that never causes allergy to the skin. The product follows the traction process, and it offers extreme traction force, which resulted in increment of tissue cells’ reproduction of the penis shaft. The cytokinesis mechanism helps in extending a flaccid penis almost 0.7-inch length by the 4-month consecutive use for 4-6 hours daily.


  • FDA approved device increase sensitivity, including size in the natural process
  • The power of penis enlargement is almost 30% by 6-months continuous use
  • It increases the sexual craving by enhancing erectile functionality
  • The length, as well as girth increases, restoring self-confidence
  • The product comes with a convenient warranty and helpful customer services
  • Faster friendlier support with comfortable utilization
  • Hours-long wearing and doing regular work is not a concern


  • The sleeve condom is breakable, so user should be more careful
  • The device is a bit expensive than other markets available top-listed stretchers



Male Edge – Review


It is an efficient extender designed with advanced automation to make the product a robust yet harmless for the penile area. Top-standard material that maintains medical-grade used to manufacture the stretcher, so there is no chance of having an allergy at all.


Features: This non-surgical device can enlarge penis length and girth, providing absolute traction tension to the penis shaft permanently. The machine has designed with a hi-tech mechanism that eventually resulted in a healthy, large-sized dick by increasing the stimulation in the penile tissue. This machine offers a steady stretch through traction force. Daily utilization helps in the multiplication of shaft tissues for straightening cock.




  • It is easier to use by putting the dick inside the machine and setting the traction pressure accordingly
  • This extender is comfortable to wear at any time
  • It never causes the problem in doing household works, formal tasks or enjoying casual hangouts
  • This machine offers effortless tension, and it is adjustable for all penis sizes
  • Traction pressure control, as per the requirement is not a hard task
  • The traction pressure set in 1200-grams, 2000-grams, and 2800-grams for this device
  • A full year warranty set for this stretcher by the manufacturing brand
  • It can withstand accidental breakage for designed with excellent quality plastic
  • The durability of this well-accomplished stretcher is exorbitant
  • The price is much lower than other stretchers
  • It gives a trustworthy performance and comes with one storage and one travel bag
  • Users can gradually extend the pressure by setting in nominal tension at first


  • This extender only has strap attachment
  • Excess patience requires for using this product


X4 Labs Patriot – Review

X4 Labs Patriot

X4 Labs Penis Extender is a unique stretcher, which has two extenders. The red and blue-colored devices come in different boxes, which both are, experts recommend buying at a time for complete penis enlargement.

Features: X4 Labs Patriot is one of the highly-advanced and the best penis extender products, where two devices work together for enhancing the flaccid penis. The kit contains more technical apparatus to provide ultimate support, as per the requirements. One penis pumps, silicone pipe harness, eight comfort straps, two elongation bars’ sets are the accessories that include in the box. Two long, as well as small, memory foam comfort-giving pads, are available along with DVD, manual, and cleansing wipes.


  • Two stretchers come instead of one
  • The product is perfect for cock enhancement
  • Sinrex Male enhancement and penis pump help in rapid growth
  • It provides 4200-grams traction tension around the shaft
  • The best quality product comes at a pocket-squeezing price
  • DVD and manual help with appropriate illustration
  • Various accessories add in the box for complete relief
  • It has two different cases for storing and carrying the products


  • The utility is not as convenient, as other stretchers
  • It is not ideal for hours-long utilization under the pant with easement
  • Sometimes, apparent price details are not available on the website



Jes-Extender Gold – Review

Jes-Extender Gold

This is the ultimate product that one needs to buywhich offers ultimate comfort with appropriate penis extension even during sleep. The look of the kit is quite enchanting, as the mahogany-colored box packed with various useful accessories for giving support to dick.

Features: This well-crafted handmade stretcher’s box packed with one silicone tube that engulfs the shaft inside and scientifically designed extenders that help in the penis. A base unit, comfort strap, and two safety pads provide complete protection in the pubic area, including the penile shaft. A dual functioning anterior piece supports the front of the shaft appropriately. Seven more apparatus equipped in the classic box, which all are complementary tools of the stretcher, and help in penile muscle stretching for the size development.


  • It increases penis size almost 19% by girth and 24% by the length
  • It develops erection functionality, lowering premature ejaculation
  • This extender works efficiently for straightening curvature cock
  • Increase self-confidence by enhancing bedtime expertise of men
  • This device never causes disturbance in sleeping, while it remains to attach with penis
  • Medical-grade materials containing product never cause skin irritation
  • It comes with two years warranty, and double money-back guarantee
  • Various accessories incorporated in sophisticated storage case



  • It needs to put up for days-long to get the best result
  • Various models make beginners confuse to choose the suitable one
  • The is not affordable for all due excessive price


PeniMaster Pro – Review

penimaster pro

This is one of the most beneficial stretchers that rule the market with exceptional success. The best part of the product is that users can wear it for hours-long under the trouser, and can do usual work with all the comforts.

Features: This cock stretching tool provides the outstanding result with its excellent technique adapted mechanism when users set it with the penile glance. The design has created scientifically. So the stretcher is suitable and gets attached with all penis sizes. Belt incorporated extender helps in wearing the device most comfortably. The required adapter, belt expander system, and the rod expander system are much convenient to set according to the desire of every single person.


  • Advanced technique adapted product provides complete support
  • Users never experience discomfort wearing it for hours-long
  • 30% penis enlargement within six months guaranteed
  • This highly-reliable product allows men to do general works, as it is
  • This extender gives quick result while men wear it for the maximum time of the day
  • Versatile process equipped for wearing the belt
  • The appropriate storage case comes along with a DVD player and a user manual
  • It is adjustable for all penis sizes and gives support to circumcised, as well as uncircumcised dick


  • Beginners should avoid this, as it is not ideal for them
  • Initially, it is time-consuming to set the apparatus appropriately
  • The product cost is much higher than other extenders



ProExtender Deluxe – Review

ProExtender Deluxe review

This is the advanced version of ProExtender Original. The supreme-quality support giving tool has more technical components that make penis enhancement much better.

Features: ProExtender Deluxe brings outstanding results when users put it daily for a maximum of six months. The device crafted with medical-grade skin-friendly material, so it sticks to the shaft for hours-long, providing comfort equally. This reliable extender has a silicone-made tube strap, and a comfort strap that creates the tension in the penile tissue, and stimulates the cell division around the penis. The two pairs of elongation bars with two-inch length also added in the box that causes rapid improvement. The luxurious metallic box is a perfect travel companion that stores the product perfectly.


  • Dual elongation bars impressively uplift the penile enlargement functionality
  • Standard quality material makes the product durable that can last long without damage
  • Silicone material offers a sensual comfort in the penile shaft, which is enjoyable
  • Substantial storage box designed for this sensitive yet highly-advanced product
  • An exercise CD and user manual comes along for a smooth practice


  • First-time users may experience complications to use it
  • Initial discomfort users may experience
  • Penile bruising or redness can cause at the initial stage



Penis Extenders Buying Guide

It is quite troublesome to select the suitable penis extending product that gives the result in the mentioned time. Various types of extenders are available in modern times, which are enough to make you puzzle in picking up the best penis sleeve. Well, before hand-pick any extender, you should check some criteria. If the product matches the requirement, you can proceed to place the order. Here, check out the listed points down to know how you can make the selection appropriate. Just give the glimpse down:

Safety comes first: Always remember that before applying any product in your dick, you should know the safety information of the product appropriately. The pubic area is the most sensitive zone of someone’s body, and thus it can be painful, or many side-effects can occur if you use a technical tool in the penile shaft without knowing the proper system.

A penis always deserves the secured product to be treated well, and thus checking the safety details require before buying an extender. You must check the used material, experts’ recommendations, scientific authenticity, application details, and conveniences before buying a stretcher.

The penile shaft needs to fasten into the extender strap, which must have professionally designed with standard material. Otherwise, the penile head can be cut off, or cause bruising, blood clots, or any other harmful condition.

It is always better to choose long-lasting, allergy-free, nice-looking material containing products. So, go for the thermoplastic, silicone, or aluminum material adapted extenders, which are much convenient to clean as well.

Focus on the advantages of comfortable utility:  A penis extender, you need to put on for 4-6 hours every day for at least three months. So the absolute comfort level requires for hours-long wearing a tool inside the pants. Most of the advanced stretchers offer various wearing options with different fixing amenities.

Straps, rings, fabric, belts, bands, vacuum belts are the attachment systems that incorporated with highly-automated products. You must choose a stretcher, checking these comfort-giving beneficial fixing systems.

The shape and size also vary, so do the conveniences of wearing.  Some intricate stretchers may offer effective result fast, but equally provides discomfort of wearing it for long hours. Some large-shaped models look weird when you place inside the pants. Wearing these devices, nobody can feel comfortable to go outside or do anything.

Moreover, you must know that the product you are about to buy does not cause any allergic reaction or any other side-effects. So, do not buy a product, only it is affordable, as checking of wearing amenities is more crucial.

Check out the efficiency and durability: The techniques of extenders work by providing tension to your cock and stretching it at the highest level. Constant transaction force comes through the spring of the tools to increase the penile growth. This traction force has measured by grams. The more grams of tension a penile elongation apparatus provides, it considers efficient accordingly.

Leading penis stretching products maximum recorded 4000-grams of tension, whereas the second-rated products have much less traction force efficiency. You can buy a stretcher, knowing all the details, regarding tension offering capacity to value your dick’s craving.

Many men recorded penile injury, blood clotting issues, and many other problems due to purchasing the wrong product without knowing how much the tension-adapted model is right for them. Many guys harm their cock by increasing the tension abruptly.

You should know that a penis enhancer needs to use by increasing the tension gradually. Appropriate checking of competence and durability requires getting the expected result. So, always choose a stretcher that is compatible with your dick needs.

Compare the prices: Price estimation before buying a penis extender is crucial. Nevertheless, the prices vary according to the effectiveness and security concerns. The power-packed performing ability containing stretchers cause high-price, whereas, the substandard products are available at a much lower budget.

But, when it comes to buying a proficient stretcher, it is better not to shrink the pocket, as a one-time investment on a trustworthy product brings unbelievable result forever.

You can compare at least five to six different products’ prices at a time, including authenticity, and select the most suitable one, according to the requirements. The price starts from 100-dollars and reaches up to 1000-dollars as per the efficiency, but maximum people get relatable results buying products around 200-dollars or henceforth.


Are there any side-effects of using extender for penis enlargement?

The medical-grade, standard-quality material adapted branded products never cause any harm, irritation, allergies at all. All the leading and top-listed devices designed scientifically. So, no problem or pain by using the high-rated stretcher, you can experience.  But, when it comes to substandard, low-priced, and fake tools, multiple skin-related issues like redness on the shaft, bruising, tension trauma, and other adverse condition may occur. Experts suggest not using any stretcher if your skin is sensitive or if you have a blood clotting issue. One can use the penis stretcher with all the conveniences once the health or skin-related issues get over.

Can I practice intercourse during penis extension treatment?

Yes, this is possible with all the relief. Just remove the penile extender from your penis and enjoy intercourse with your partner, as there is no harm or any issue occurs during the mating. Moreover, many users recorded that their performance becomes much efficient and robust with long-lasting erection during sexual activity. So, eradicate all the doubts and have sexual fun during the elongation treatment.

When will the initial result come?

It is a time-consuming procedure to get the ultimate result. But, according to maximum users, the first result will come within a month with 10%-12% elongation when the device remains attached for at least 4 to 6-hours daily. Nevertheless, the initial outcome varies from one person to another, but when you use it with the patient, following the instructions appropriately, the result will come soon.

Is it possible to use a penis extender and vacuum pump together?

Well, it is not possible to attach both the tools at a time. But, if you wish, then the application of the penis vacuum pumping machine, as well as the stretcher is not impossible throughout the day, diving the time. Many guys use both the appliances, once in the morning and the other at night. You can do the same, although there is no scientific proof that a vacuum pump and stretcher application cooperatively all over the day can offer unbelievable results. Still, it is upon the belief of different users. You can try both the devices, the following time division, and may it works outstandingly.

Can I meet people, and do usual work on social circumstances wearing a penis extender?

There are some advanced extenders available that users can put on and do some casual tasks, by sitting on a place, or that requires tender moving. But, experts suggest not wearing a stretcher during an intense workout, which can result in penile trauma, pain, or other unexpected harm. Some devices are only perfect to wear when you are relaxing at home with loose clothes. Some are wearing during the casual meeting, or in a public forum, as it all up to the users. But, overall, it is good to stay at home while wearing a stretcher.

Can my penis extender cause any problem during sleep?

It depends upon an individual’s sleeping style. Some men move so much while sleeping. So remove the stretcher and sleep if you stretch the legs frequently during sleep and place the body upside down. An extender can cause sleeping difficulty, and if you move straight away, the device can lead to penile trauma. But, if you sleep calmly without frequent moves, then putting on a high-end stretcher is all right.

What is the smallest size that a penis extender works?

A penis extender starts working effortlessly on a minimum size containing a penis that has at least 1.5-inch length.

Can a penis extender increase the girth along with the length?

Yes, advanced penis extenders increase the girth along with length through appropriate penis traction, as per the requirement, and it has proved by various medical experiments.

Hence, it is time to give one of the best gifts to your trouser snake and let it enjoy the sexual activity with all the stiffness after adapting the appropriate size that makes a woman crazy on the bed. So, buy a power-packed ultimate resulting penis extender and get back the confidence of your manhood with outstanding sexual expertise.

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