5 Best Monkey Rockers & Sex Gliders to Thrill your Cooch

Grinding on something this sexy would become extremely hot when the powerful and veiny dildo tickles your pleasure points deeply. The comfortable and hands-free could never get better. With all the added vibrations, wait for legs to fall weak and make yourself drown in a pool of satisfaction even without a partner. Kudos to this sexy friend who gives your comfort and pleasure all in one. It is bouncy, it is elastic, it is cozy and the work is fantastic.

Lay your hands on this powerful monkey rocker and rock exactly like a monkey with fun.


Things to keep in mind before choosing the best sex glider for you!

Here is a list of how to choose the best monkey rocker for yourself. Please note that the evolution of monkey rockers is very similar to that of the original Sybian saddle sex machine and its alternatives. Just like Sybian alternatives, there are also many monkey rocker alternatives that might come under the name tag of sex gliders, sex riders, or sex cushions. If you don’t wanna go for the Original monkey rocker, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from.


List of how to choose the best monkey rockers:-


Sex is always tiring and it always exhausts you if it’s good enough. But it is not necessary that you get all worked up and panting in no time because you do not feel very comfortable in your monkey rocker. You might feel some strain in a certain body part because of the rocker body. This is not the aim. The aim of every monkey is to make you hot and tired but not in an unpleasant way.

When you settle in your chair or seat, it is necessary that you feel very comfortable using it. You can also check the balance quality offered by the chair and the texture of the seat. Make sure it does not scratch your skin or cause my irritation to it.

 It is said that most of the monkey rockers work on how to move on it. It works according to your thrusting pattern but still, there are many monkey rocker alternatives that are very responsive to the body movement and they do not totally depend on the user to exert force.

The Attachments

The monkey rocker would only give you the best experience when it is paired up with a powerful dildo or vibrator. What good is a rocker if you have an attachment that does not give you enough satisfaction? You need to choose your attachments wisely. The size of the attachment plays a big role in it. Most of the monkey rockers come with at least two attachments inside the box. These two may or may not vary in size and shape.

If you are a beginner and you are buying it for solo usage, consider going for a monkey rocker that comes with two attachments that are big and small combined. This way, you can practice using your rocker and getting comfortable with it with the small attachment and proceed to use the bigger attachment as you become a wilder player.

Vac-U-lock dildos are considered to be the best choices for these kinds of machines as they can be attached easily and offer a wide range of choices when it comes to size, shape, and texture.

If you are buying a monkey rocker and you don’t want it to become boring, go for a product that is compatible with a wide range of dildos. One of the products in our buying guide is compatible with a lot of dildo and Vibrator attachments, you may have a look.


Experimenting with your Monkey Rocker

Apart from everything and every way of usage that you might find online, don’t just stick to them. Get creative with your monkey rocker and try out different positions apart from the traditional ones. Experimenting every now and then not only helps you discover new ways of getting pleasure but also helps you get more and more creative and accustomed to your sex saddle and you master it easily. Try out different activities with your partner too. Let him handle the remote and move your curves sexily in front of him. This can make things really hot inside the bedroom. If you are a homosexual couple, you can tease your partner or take turns one by one. You can pair up your monkey rocker with other sex toys to make it even spicier.

Bondage furniture and tools can also be paired up with the monkey rocker and this would make sex extremely fun for your partner. Just imagine your partner sitting on the rocker with their hands tied and their nipples clipped and their mouths gagged. Could you imagine a scenario more tempting than this? We don’t think so!


Getting On The Right Rocker

Picking the best monkey rocker for yourself can be a tough choice. Monkey rockers are rather a high-end product and they are mostly priced high but trust us, they are worth every penny and they would return every penny of yours through immense satisfaction and multiple orgasms. Since you are paying a big amount for buying a monkey rocker, please do your own extensive research and make a list of every feature that you would want in your monkey rocker. If you think that you are not attracted to the original monkey rocker form, skim through the alternatives available. They are a bit cheaper and they offer more features.

The conclusion is, extensive research is important and choose whatever you desire. 

Since you may across a lot of monkey rockers and you might get confused as anew customer, we have skimmed through the best options available and have brought you a list of the best monkey rocker and its alternatives to try. Any product from this list would be a great choice.


Cloud 9 F-Slider

Sex Glider

Cloud 9 F-slider is rated as one of the best monkey rocker alternatives by many. This is definitely a great choice and it is a very interesting gliding sex-machine. The users get to choose from a wide range of dildo attachments which is not the case with the other sex gliders available. You can easily pair it up with any dildo do your choice so your sexy session would never get boring.

The height of this glider is about two feet. The movements of this F-slider are very responsive and accurate so you won’t have to put in a lot of effort by your own body when you are riding it.


  • A great ride
  • It is compatible with a wide range of dildo attachments
  • Good motion
  • Very easy to use


  • A bit expensive
  • The movements can be a bit weird


 Fetish Fantasy Hot Seat

Fetish Fantasy Hot Seat  

This is a perfect combination of an inflatable hot seat which is extremely comfortable and it is paired with a strong vibrator. It is truly a killer combo. It can be controlled with a remote so you are in for some hassle-free and hands-free fun.

The dildo attachment is perfectly sculpted with veins all over its body and it delivers strong vibrations inside the body. This is considered a very good monkey rocker alternative as it has amazingly versatile features and it all comes in a price tag lower than the original monkey rocker.

The pillow definitely supports the motion of the user and is perfect for gearing up your solo sex game to a heavenly point. You can easily balance your body on the pillow even if your thrust very fast because of the well-placed handles on either side.

The remote can be used to control the movement and the vibration of the dildo both.

You can have deep internal stimulation inside any hole of your choice easily. The six inches long dildo attachment enables g-spot stimulation.

The only weak point of this gorgeous baby is that it’s very difficult to clean it as it not waterproof and if your sex game gets very messy and dirty you would have to either dry clean up or look for something else.

This pillow can easily handle weight up to 300 lbs. so it does make it a very good choice.


  • This is a versatile combination of an inflatable and soft pillow hot seat and a vibrating dildo.
  • It can handle heavyweight.
  • Latex-free
  • The price is reasonable compared to other machines in the same vertical.


  • It is not very easy to clean
  • It is not waterproof. Still splashproof
  • The handles could have been placed better.


Fetish Fantasy Ride On Cushion 

Fetish Fantasy Ride On

This is the sex machine whose motto is comfort and pleasure.

As the names give it away, this is a combination of an extremely comfortable pillow and a sex matching in one. This extremely powerful and versatile combo offers delightful comfort without any inconvenience or strain to the body. The hot seat (or the pillow) is inflatable which makes it very bouncy and fun to ride.

It comes with a vibrating dildo attachment which is six inches long. The Vibrator can be controlled by a remote. The attachment is also not a child’s play. This is a perfectly designed dildo with pulsating veins on its body and a girth so perfect that it would make you meltdown there very easily. We are quite sure that you won’t be seeing a stronger combination in a sex gliding machine. This is one of the top candidates in the gliding machine vertical because of its unique and attractive body and great versatility.

There are also two handles attached to the body of the pillow so you can just hold them if you are thrusting too vigorously and you lose balance. You can also hold them if you feel any kind of strain in your legs and still want to continue further. The pillow is made of superior quality material and it feels amazing against your body and it supports you perfectly.

The pillow consists of most of the matter inside it made of PVC. The dildo attachments that come inside the box are made of high-grade TPE which is a very safe material and is nontoxic.

The pillow is 32 inches long. And the height is about one foot.

So far we have told you everything about this amazing sex cushion, do you even need to have a second thought? Just go for it!


  • This is a perfect combo of a comfortable pillow seat and a vibrating dildo.
  • Many Vibration speeds and patterns available with this machine.
  • Can be controlled with a remote easily.


  • Not easily washable.


CowGirl Premium

CowGirl Premium 

This is the OG of love gliders and monkey rockers. The cowgirl premium sex gliding machine if filled with everything that you would look for in a gliding machine. The amazingly power-packed and versatile machine is just the right choice for anyone who wants to extract the maximum out of their solo sex-machine.

This is the perfect fusion of eroticism and power. This cowgirl premium riding machine comes with six different speeds and patterns of Vibrations so your solo session would never become monotonous and every time you can mix and match the different speeds and patterns to have never-ending fun and a new experience every time.

The best function in this riding machine is the 360° swivel cord that allows the user to thrust in any direction without facing any kind of discomfort. This riding machine has made way to fulfill your every desire to the best possible extent.

The two attachments that come inside the box with this riding machine are made of good quality silicone and they are perfect for internal as well as external stimulation. The motor which powers the Vibration is extremely powerful and you would feel pulsating vibrations inside your body in no time.

These attachments feel very real when they are inside and they have a little bump in their end so they are perfect for clitoral stimulation also. They have 10 springs that fit inside. The smaller attachment has a 4 inches insertable length and it is perfect for precise g-spot stimulation.

They can penetrate and pleasure your both holes. Anal and vaginal penetrations feel extremely amazing with this riding machine.

This is a handcrafted saddle and the makers do not compromise with the quality at all. You would receive the best. Of everything and have the best experience with this one. The seat is padded and it’s very comfortable. The user would not feel any strain in the thighs or lack of convenience because of the saddle body. The paddles are also padded.

It is super easy to ride this cowgirl premium with a well-functioning remote. This saddle can also be connected to a smartphone application for wireless functioning. You can connect the device with your partner’s smartphone and let him operate it. Sessions with your partner would never be better.

  • This is a perfect sex gliding machine for solo sessions.
  • Cowgirl premium comes with two silicone dildo attachments inside the box.
  • It is a master of both internal and external stimulation
  • The swivel can rotate 360° so the user can enjoy and thrust whichever way they like.
  • The Vibrations delivered by cowgirl premiums are extremely strong.
  • Silicone attachments are very safe on the body.
  • The remote control setup enables a user to operate from over 30 meters away
  • Solo and partner play both are possible.
  • Cowgirl premium has 6 different patterns and speeds so you won’t ever get bored of it.

Weight holding capacity: 181kg

Dimensions: L16.7 x W13.4 x H10.9 inches

How it feels

  • Flexibility: Rigid and firm
  • Material: Silicone

How it measures up

  • Insertable Length: 4 inches
  • Length: 16.5 inches

Power and speed

  • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
  • Power Type: Mains powered

Essential info

  • Waterproof: Not waterproof
  • Allergens: Phthalate-Free


  • Comes with two silicone attachments of different sizes
  • 360° rotation enabled.
  • Can be connected to a smartphone
  • G-spot and clitoral stimulation possible
  • Comfortable seat
  • Can be operated by a Remote
  • Delivers strong vibrations


  • Expensive
  • Cannot be returned


Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Glider

Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Glider

This is a bomb-ass alternative to the original monkey rocker and this is a rather light version of monkey rockers and sex gliders available. This monkey rocker projects a stool form which is very useful for people who suffer from back pain joint pain while having sex. They can have great support on this bench and can enjoy hands free fun. The panels that are attached at the top of this banging bench are flexible and elastic so they adjust to the motion of your body and your thrusting pattern.

When you sit comfortably on the stool, you would have to bounce up and down to make use of the dildo. Since this one is a lighter version, it is more suitable for people who want it more bouncy and are ready to grind a little for satisfaction. This bench can also give you a tiring but extremely efficient workout session.


The dildo attachment is removable and can be replaced.


  • Bouncy
  • Light body
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for sweating out
  • Can he hidden easily


  • Not very cozy feel
  • Is a lot different from the original monkey rocker
  • Might make creaky sounds while thrusting


Lovebots Love Glider

Lovebots Love Glider

Lovebites is a  United States-based company that is trustworthy and amazing. It has manufactured this sexy Lovebots love glider. This is an original love glider and this beautiful love glider comes in a sturdy box with totally discreet packaging. The box measures around 3 ft. The time that it requires to prepare your love glider is not very much. You can easily assemble it for riding within minutes of receiving it in your home.

This love glider is super versatile and it is made to fill your body with an ounce of uninterrupted pleasure. This love glider works for either of your holes. You can choose the hole of your choice and align it with the dildo attached on top and you would be swimming in pleasure in no time. This sex glider does an amazing job when it comes to deep stimulation. The dildo attached on the top is extremely realistic and it’s just the right size. With this love gilder, you can enjoy hand-free fun anytime. It makes your solo session very hot and wet.

The attachments can of course be customized by the buyer and this is the most fruitful perk of this love glider.

This love glider fits the thrusting pattern that you create and would assist you perfectly when you are thrusting really fast. You won’t feel uncomfortable even if you bounce on it vigorously.

The love glider comes with two Vac U loc dildos inside the box already. They are made of PVC. If you are not a big fan of PVC dildos, you can use your personal dildos and attach it with the glider for more personalized fun.

If you are a beginner, we would suggest that you start really slow with the glider and give it some time. Create a slow thrusting pattern and learn to balance your body and legs as you go faster. The seat is very comfortable and this would be a fruitful choice.


  • Come with two PVC dildos inside the box
  • Comfortable seat
  • A trustworthy manufacturer.


  • Expensive
  • Not many people like PVC attachments

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