CyberSkin Twerking Butt – Should you buy it? Detailed Review

Imagine you are watching a video of passionate porn on your smartphone, and all of sudden, physical urge knocks down the full of intensity. The sexual fun becomes superb when your ladylove reveals all of her assets, removing her lingerie with heated dance. Every strong man knows that the little one never gets satisfaction after a single encounter, and it demands more erotic enjoyment with highly-adventured poses. Pleasing the pussy with the hardest dick is not enough, as your cock wants more fun, and in that case, nothing can give pleasure like anal sex. Yes, a bombshell butt is the desire of most of the men during having sex, which becomes complimentary of foreplay and during the encounter. Once the soft, rounded, fluffy butt comes in hand, gratification reaches to another level with mind-blowing mating. But, when you do not have a partner, and your small tool wants pleasure, what to do at that condition?

 Man, do not get upset if you do not have a sex partner, as in modern times, nothing is impossible. You can surely indulge your playful penis at any time, buying a tremendous satisfaction giving twerking butt sex toy, which is high on demand right now. Likewise, fleshlights and blowjob machines twerking big booty sex toys are doing outstanding business in the market due to its erotic features. Once you buy this product, you can give extra pleasure to your little one with delighted masturbation. The most-alluring design adapted model butt makes you feel like enjoying a lady’s butt with its smooth, perfectly-shaped texture. Twerking big-sized booty is unique from other sex toys, as it gives jerk, at first sight, increasing your sexual hormone secretion to enjoy the libido as long as possible. Once you close the eyes and touch the booty, you can imagine your desired woman’s rounded, soft butt. Now press it, push it, and play the orgasm until your tool gets tired.

Check out the features of the Twerking Butt Sex Toy

Twerking sex toy is highly-effective, as the experienced clients say due to its advanced technical attributes. This supreme-quality sex toy connects the virtual sexual pleasure with reality, and here the features of this mind-blowing device noted down, such as:

  • The ultra-sexy twerking booty has six levels of massaging and vibrating techniques, which make the penis twisting with the full effort inside the canal, and the beautiful butt engineered with six different twerking mechanisms. 
  • A comprehensive, power-packed remote, comes with the product with clear indicating buttons that make using the device convenient and smoother. 
  • The product comes with a long-lasting power adapter and a long cable that you can fix on the plug point, no matter how far the bed from it. 
  • The twerking booty one can also operate from the smartphone by downloading the app, following the other customary.
  • The model butt engineered keeping in mind the real butt of a woman, so it has 20lbs weight approximately. The perfect size and round shape containing butt designed with Cyberskin material to give the smooth, silky texture like a stunning porn star. 
  • The anal and pussy hole and gaps designed the same manner as a female’s internal parts to give the penis perfect turning and twisting. 
  • The ‘Twerk’ button on the remote control needs to press for starting or stopping twerking and to change the modes and intensity press ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ button. 
  • The butt twerks outstandingly, mimicking the authentic twerk that reaches your sensuality to another level of orgasm. 
  • Virtual Reality Headset is the unique feature of this device that cannot be available with any other sex toys. You can imagine that enjoying a twerk doll, closing the eyes while the sound effect on the VR headset uplifts the passion to the highest peak.
  • The audiovisual effect never lets you feel that you are just having sexual fun with an artificial butt. The sound effect, 3D videos, and game contents make the time mind-blowing. 
  • Water jet, lubricant powder, and the water-based solution come with the twerking booty for cleaning the device appropriately that remains the sex toy hygienic and effective for days-long utilization, so there is no concern regarding cleaning procedure. 
  • This sex toy is ideal for small to medium sizes of the penis, as it can consume up to 7.5-inches long shaft. The internal canal gets warmth during intercourse and gives the sensation. The lubricants you can use for making the penetration smooth and juicy. 

Pros of Buying Twerking Butt:

  • This sex toy you can dominate as you wish, without any interruption, stopping, or adjustment during the fun, yet it provides absolute authentic sexual indulgence.
  • The exterior design enhances the libido at first glance, as the voluptuous, fluffy booty reminds a perfectly-shaped lady’s big booty, which can be the ideal sex partner. 
  • Aesthetics of this sex toy, including the functionalities are overwhelming, and the effect remains for long with the utmost satisfaction, as the heavenly pleasure, makes your sexual craving enjoyable with every stroke.  
  • The big butt’s internal canal can get slippery, whereas its outer texture has the endurance to take an intense pounding, slapping, and beating. 
  • The twerking pussy and booty make the penetration of a standard-sized cock smoother, although having tight opening like actual-woman. The inside hole and the cavities designed with the pores, cervices, and bubbles.  
  • Users can enjoy uninterrupted 3D videos and games, after installing the app, where all the contents preloaded that make VR experience outstanding. 

Cons of Buying Twerking Butt:

  • 5-inches long display requires the smartphone to enjoy the Virtual Reality experience smoother.
  • Investment in this product is a big concern. Buying this twerking bubbly anal sex toy means paying a high amount. Yes, this bubble-shaped, virtual authenticity integrated butt comes in the higher budget, whereas, the shipping price is variable. 500-1000-Dollars are extreme, especially, for the outsiders, of the USA.
  • The first-time users may find the product is quite complicated, rigid, and tough to utilize. Multiple technical parts take time to understand, but once you get familiar with it, conveniences come all the way.
  • This sex toy has all the original features. The texture is also alluring, which can frequently cause excess utilization, turning the product additives. It can be a crazy obsession for the users, which also can destruct them from reality.
  • Big-sized cock cannot penetrate the canal, as it can consume up to 7.5-inches penis, so the man with a huge dick needs to buy other products. 
  • Sensible sex toys users should not buy this one, as it is not discreet; at all instead of it is more like an actual butt.

Who Invented Twerking Butt Sex Toy?

The famed sex website and sexual toy-offering agency PornHub invented a completely real-like Twerking Sex Butt Toy for its wide-extended clients. 

What Does All the Package Include?

The entire package comes with numerous complementary devices, and kits, which are listed below as:

  • 20lbs (almost) weighted a full-sized perfectly-shaped butt without the body. 
  • Remote control comes along, which has a standard size length containing wire that makes using the equipment more convenient.
  • A cable and power adapter equipped with this sex toy for charging the butt and an extra adapter is available for the customers of the United States of America only.
  • A VR headset inserted in the package, in which users can connect with smartphones and enjoy the videos or sounds during the encounter while the booty twerks, massages, or vibrates.
  • This twerking sex toy comes with a water jet to clean the product appropriately after using it. The water jet cleans the rifts and the pussy and anal hole thoroughly. It is better to wash the product after every encounter to keep the hygiene and smooth effect for years-long utility.
  • A water-based lubricant also comes with the product that is ideal for cleaning the sex toy after a certain time to keep the impurities, bacteria, germs and other pollutants away from it, which resulted in the long life of the device. 
  • A unique powder is available with the product to keep the texture smooth with durability.
  • Twerking booty manufacturing agency provides a big-sized storage bag along with the device to keep it clean, hygienic, dust, and pollution-free in the long run. 
  • This bag helps to place the product accurately while not using and keep the sexy booty hidden from others’ eyes.
  • Users can get an interactive experience with the fun-filled pleasure by downloading the app from the Google Play Store. 

How to use Twerking Butt?

Using this twerking booty is much smoother, but for first-time users, the device is quite confusing due to all the latest technologies.  Nevertheless, once you show the patience and practice the techniques frequent times, navigating the device becomes convenient for further utilization. 

Here, in the points below, the steps listed that one should follow before switching on the button. Just take a glimpse down:

  • Initially, connect the cable with the power adapter for using it, turning on the power.
  • Then adjust the butt setting with the attached remote control, which adapted with a twerking ass 
  • Users can operate two different basic modes with the remote control to enjoy the intercourse, as per the wish. 
  • The first one has vibration mode, which one can increase or decrease controlling the speed accordingly by pressing the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ button on the remote. You can switch to massaging mode, and go up to six levels by pressing the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ button.
  • Pressing the Twerk button, you can stop the device, whenever you want. 
  • Well, to turn the sex toy more realistic, you can play the videos or games and enjoy the audio on the VR headset.
  • Pair the big butt device with the smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Insert the smartphone in the VR headset that incorporated with the package.
  • Set the Virtual Reality headset appropriately on the head before starting adult 3D videos or games, pairing the smartphone with the app.   

What Makes the Twerking butt special?

Twerking Butt is surely special for its look, as well as its functionalities, which turn the wildest fantasies of users into an outstanding reality. The product designed with Cyberskin texture to give the sex toy real-butt like finishing. This sex toy assembled both the vibrating, twerking, and massaging technology at the same time. It overall gives a complete pleasure to the penis with the fun.

This supreme sex toy makes your sexual craving so profound that you cannot even realize that it is not a real woman. Penetration into the canal of anal and pussy gives the same feeling like a real woman, and the orifices designed with actual tightness, which makes the penetration perfect.

Users experience heavenly enjoyment while riding on the butt, as the vibration and motion during the intercourse get intense and faster with strong effects.  Inside the pussy and anal canal, the penis experience more twisting and clenching experience, and the warmth uplifts automatically, which resulted in top-level sensuality.

This bombshell twerking butt is also available overseas apart from the U S A, and the product delivers on the given address at the right time, following the correct pricing. 

How to download the twerking butt app?

Downloading twerking big booty app is not a tough task at all, yet the steps listed below in brief, like:

  • Visit the Google Play Store of your mobile and search the CyberSkin Twerking Butt app.
  • Download and install the app and open it after the installation.
  • Create an account afterward and to do so, fill up the boxes with all your required details. The brief and convenient registration process does not ask a bunch of questions like other apps.
  • Now you can enjoy 3D adult content, videos, and sex games with unlimited surfing that makes the virtual reality a pleasurable porn land.
  • Once you download the adult content, start enjoying the VR experience with outstanding sound effects.

How does pornhub twerking butt feel?

Honestly, it feels highly-amazing! Until one uses and experiences it, one cannot know how outstandingly PornHub designed this sex toy, adapting virtual reality to make the butt feel-like the real sexy lady’s beautiful buttock. 

Hence, buy this stunning sex toy and enjoy twerking, while imagining your ladylove or favorite pornstar on the bed. 

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