10 Best Butt Plugs for Anal Play in 2020 [ Rated by Sex Experts ]

Hello naughty explorers!

Anal plugs can prove to be a blessing in disguise if used with proper knowledge, enough practice, a bit of endurance to penetration, and a bottle of sexy lube! Anal plugs can add real spice to your boring sex life.  Are you regular to and fro motion jamming your sexual machinery? Well, time to plug into nirvana! Not exactly, but close. Why be a bore and limit our pleasures to just one hole when we have a whole new hole to play with! Anal beginners to bored couples, naughty teens to old lovers, gays to lesbians, g-spot to p-spot, we have it all covered! Coz why should the vagina have all the fun!

Anal plugs can be real fun for naughty beginners trying to explore the euphoria of anal activities. There is a whole new world inside that squishy butt, you know! These anal plugs come in different shapes and size meeting the needs of different people with different body shapes and sizes and for the customers to choose exactly what would they want to stick up their butts. The prices also range from an affordable range to a highly luxurious range as per the customer’s will and desire for comfort, luxury, experience, and budget. These can be real game-changers for singles as well as for couples! People willing to experience something beyond regular vaginal sex and pleasure, anal plugs can be the cherries to the top. (Quite literally) Let us get naughty and help you pick up the best butt plug.

B- Vibe Rechargeable USB butt plugs

The first in my naughty list are these silicone plugs that are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. They come with a USB port and are rechargeable giving the user an uninterrupted and wild experience as these plugs can vibrate, giving the user a highly sensational pleasure. Silicone plugs are famous for their built as they are extremely soft and gentle to the skin. They are perfect for beginners who are apprehensive to this new kind of penetration and don’t want their skin to be harmed at all.


These products are clinically tested and do not cause any kind of allergy to the user. There are many myths about silicone sex toys and people believe that silicone toys can prove to be toxic for the skin as silicone is considered to close to plastic but these plugs are proven to be non toxic and extremely safe for anyone to use.


These rechargeable butt plugs come with an electronic massager fit inside them. The greatest perk of these massagers is the amount of vibration they produce and their capacity to give the users an instant orgasm. These plugs can be your secret best friend because darling, they are quicker than anybody you’d ever date. Plus, machines don’t get tired, do they?


  • These plugs come with a well functioning battery and cable guaranteeing the user, a heavenly and continuous pleasure.
  • These plugs have a great battery life and they produce a minimal sound when used, which ensures the utmost privacy to a user while having fun.


  • A user can choose his favorite plug depending on his experience (i.e. for how long has the user been using anal plugs) as per shape preference, the length of these plugs also varies so the beginners might want to go with the plugs between 2-3 inches for a start.
  • There are umpteen shapes and colours available for these plugs and the customers can pick their favorite! They come in smooth, patterned, ribbed and many more textures. You just gotta pick your favorite!

Electroshock butt plugs

These butt plugs are considered to be the most shocking and exciting butt plugs as they are not a child’s play! These butt plugs are for the people who want to shock themselves and their partners, like literally!

  • Electroshock butt plugs have steel and rubber variants and are especially designed for giving intense pleasure to users with the help of electricity.
  • The anal area has numerous nerve endings and these plugs use it to their advantage to give you an intense orgasm and activates your erogenous areas in seconds. These plugs are two steps ahead of vibrators when it comes to the amount of pleasure.



  • The user, before using these butt plugs should read the directions of usage and make sure that it is well understood throughout.
  • These butt plugs are not waterproof when it comes to using them under wet conditions so the user needs to use them safely as it can harm your skin.
  • These plugs are not recommended for beginners as they should only be used by experienced users who have already used vibrators and similar toys before.
  • They should be handled with great precaution as they involve electricity and the users should read all the usage related instructions intensively before commencing their anal activities. Have fun with the electricity on!


  • These butt plugs are a bit pricey as they have a very advanced mechanism which gives you immense pleasure.
  • These butt plugs start from a range of approximately 25$ or less. But, these plugs are worth every penny! People who are willing to invest a generous amount of money into butt plugs and are experienced enough to use them properly, these plugs won’t ever disappoint you!

Fidget Spinner butt plug

One two three four! Let’s spin more and more! Five sex seven eight, these are awesome, get this straight!

These beautiful lights would have you and your partner tunned and ready for a cheeky anal play, so get ready to make your love session and your butt extremely lit! If your partner loves fidget spinners and gets overjoyed at playful stuff, fidget spinner butt plugs are the deal! These butt plugs are perfect to add the fun quotient to your anal experience.


  • These fidget butt plugs are made of nickel-free stainless steel which gives you a smooth usage experience and is very easy to insert.
  • These fidget spinner butt plugs have different color patterns to choose from which guarantees you would never get bored of monotonous lights and colors.


  • These plugs come in various diameters to suit your needs. The electronic fidget spinner fits at the top end and the light can be turned on by pressing the middle part of every circle.
  • The design is completely safe to use and would not cause any discomfort to the user. The steel is easily washable and doesn’t demand high maintenance. Just wash it after every usage in warm water and keep it dry, you are good to go!


If your partner is playful and wants to experience funny and enjoyable anal play, you should definitely go for these plugs and have extreme fun by switching on the lights of this fidget spinner plugs at night and roll them after inserting in your play-toy’s cute butt. What a wonderful sight of glamourous and twinkling lights on your partner’s butt would it be!


  • These butt plugs are available at unbelievably affordable price ranges starting from 5$! Yes, these pretty, lit, and naughty butt plugs are available at such unbeatable prices. New users who are not willing to spend much can easily go for these!

Butterfly Vibrator Plugs

Butterfly, butterfly give me pleasure, get me high! Butterfly, butterfly I want my orgasms multiplied!

Presenting to our customers, the perfect combo of vibrators and butt-cum-vaginal plugs, this is the butterfly vibrator plug that makes it possible for a user to have anal and vaginal play sessions simultaneously and with enormous vibrations.


  • These plugs are uniquely versatile when it comes to the usage as these plugs can be inserted in the vagina and the anus at the same time.
  • These butterfly vibrator butt plugs come with an embedded motor which is highly effective and gives the user a delightful experience, enhancing the level of pleasure by many levels, speeds and intensities of vibrations fitting the needs of different people.
  • The motor used in these butt plugs is extremely powerful and yet, extremely quiet. These plugs do not create any noise, hence maintaining the complete privacy of the user.
  • These butt plugs come with a remote and the product in the link above guarantees a remote range longer than other similar products in the same price range.
  • These plugs are made of extremely soft silicone material which feels just like skin when inserted, giving the user a very realistic experience. This silicone is always non toxic, odourless, durable and safe on skin.

Silicone Cock Ring Butt Plugs

Oh my, my, what do we have here! Singe dick? Double kick? Or my baby in the top gear!

Cock, cock double lock, there’s too much pleasure in my buttock. Yes, that’s exactly what your partner  is going to moan when you make love with this cock ring butt plug on!


  • These butt plugs have a relatively different structure compared to other butt plugs. These butt plugs have a silicone ring attached at the top of the plug which is to be worn around the penis so that the plug forms a second penis below yours.
  • The second ring goes around the balls so that plug fixes itself in place and would not fall off or dislocate while having your play session.
  • These might look tricky and unstable but they are very easy to be worn and do not affect the skin around your penis or ball sack.
  • These plugs can be used by singles as well as by couples. The silicone material is super soft, odourless, comfortable to wear, soft on skin, non-toxic and durable.
  • The silicone ring is also designed in such a way that it does not leave any marks around the penal area and does not irritate the skin while usage.
  • These plugs come in varied lengths, shapes and patterns. The ones that are best to be used by singles have a thin tube attached with a bulb-like plug which goes inside the anus.
  • The girth of these plugs can also be chosen by the customer. The other types of these butt plugs include the plugs who look similar to dildos in appearance.




If you are wondering why to choose cock ring butt plugs, we can simply adhere to the fact that it is by far, the easiest way for a couple to have double penetration for the couples who are either not able to find a suitable participant for a threesome or are not open or comfortable enough to have a threesome.

  • This wish for a threesome can still be fulfilled by these butt plugs as a couple can simply use these butt plugs while having sex and experience a hassle free double penetration.
  • These plugs can also enhance the solo experience in males as they can be able to experience an anal penetration while masturbation which can give immense pleasure and these plugs are highly comfortable to wear.


When it comes to the price of these butt plugs, one would never believe that great pleasure can come at such an insanely reasonable price. The price of these butt plugs can be considered as the most reasonable price in this world of butt plugs. These multi-tasking butt plugs start from a very affordable range of just 2$. Yes, just 2$! What are you waiting for when a pool of pleasure is just two dollars away! Go grab yours!

Fox tail butt plugs

Mmm-hmm, I see a hungry fox on my bed! Why am I instantly drooling so much, maybe it’s time for some wild business! Yum!

Introducing the wildest player in the animal tail plug series, yes, they are fox tail butt plugs! Well, who wouldn’t want to see their partner cosplaying as a wild animal on bed, wagging a long furry tail and asking you to get down to business. Well, fox tail butt plugs are the real enticers! These plugs are instant eye-catchers and are highly attractive. When it comes to adding spice to your naughty life, there is nothing worthier than these amazingly beautiful fox tail plugs.


  • These plugs come in different colors, patterns and sizes.
  • The most famous amongst them are stainless steel plugs, These plugs have a highly soft furry tail which extends up to your thighs and grazes your body, giving you an awesome tickling sensation. While wearing these, you can also wag and graze your partner’s body and no doubt they would absolutely love it!
  • These furs can also be used to massage your body.
  • This steel is highly safe for use and promises you a great experience. These plugs can be specially used for cosplays.
  • These are the all time favourite product of the people who are into wild intimacies and carnal desire.
  • These sexy plugs can also be worn in orgies, wild fashion shows and these are also loved by bar dancers and strippers across the globe.
  • These plugs can really, really make you go bananas! (Or, come bananas? uh-oh)

Wear these to anywhere, or for anyone, nobody is gonna take their eyes off your attractive butt for sure! Everyone loves a little wow-wow right? Be foxy and have your fox-fee!

Jewelled and princess butt plugs

Why be a bore when you can be a shimmering princess and leave your partner drooling for more!


We are aware of the royal needs of our customers and yes, these butt plugs are designed especially for the elite and enticing night journeys that our customers want to experience. What even remotely, can be more beautiful than the butt of your partner shining at the top like a star. Twerking for an insanely invite, telling you it’s time to get your horses high! These plugs have two categories and names with exactly the same looks and functionality. You can shop for them under the names princess butt plugs and jewelled butt plugs.


If we talk specifically about the design of these butt plugs, these can be surely considered to be the most beautiful butt plugs ever created.

  • These are made of high quality stainless steel and are easy to wash and maintain! Their silicone variants can also be bought, depending on the customer’s preference.
  • The thin ending of this plug enhances the ease in the insertion and it glides in comfortably.
  • If you are a beginner and are looking for a plug set with different sizes you can order a plug set from Imperia Industries, a 2 piece, or 3 piece plug set would allow you to get acquainted to the girth and you can change the plug size as you get comfortable with using plugs.
  • These butt plugs can be an instant turn on for anyone as everyone would drool over a shining backdoor! One glimpse and you are the star.
  • People also buy princess butt plugs to use them in pairs with their partners. Some people even wear them to work as an ornament with matching clothes! (Yes, it is really a thing).


  • As far as the prices of these plugs are concerned, they are moderately affordable as they start from a range of 30$ for a set of three plugs of different sizes and the prices differ from brand to brand
  • To comprehend, 30$+ range for three plugs can be a great deal for the people buying their first plugs and the people perplexed about what size they should buy at first, these sets can give them a custom size benefit and expand their choices when it comes to using. They can start with whatever size they prefer and can use different sizes for different moods. As you have more than one piece in a set, you can also share them with your partners and who wouldn’t want to have such beautiful gifts from a partner.
  • These plugs are a perfect specimen to value for money as their quality is premium and stainless steel can never be easily affected and hence, they go a long way with you and your ever increasing anal pleasures.

However high the price be, they are still the cheapest way for anyone to become a princess and go on a cheeky journey to the gardens of the royal palace, right? Also, do not let your butt feel left out when you buy umpteen ornaments and accessories for every part of your body.  Your butt deserves to look prettier and better!

Hail the princess with the shining sexy butt. 😛

Inflatable silicone butt plugs

Welcome to the world of inflation and deflation, and yes, this is not about economics. Aren’t these butt plugs stretching their limits and our butts to extreme height and widths respectively? Oh yes! Introducing the most versatile plug of all time! The INFLATABLE silicone plugs. Even their names are promising enough to tell you how expert these plugs are, in inflating your pleasure!



  • These inflatable butt plugs are made of high quality tough silicone which is extremely soft and non-porous to suit the needs of versatile customers with different skin types and sensitivity range.
  • These plugs have an inflating-deflating valve and a pump to adjust the inflation rate of the plug inside the anal area.
  • They are especially designed to help the customers to have a painless and the desired experience of butt plugs.
  • The soft silicone material is very easy to insert and the level of inflation can be adjusted by the user as per their need and endurance capacity.
  • These plugs have a very nimble pressure releasing shaft which ensures a highly safe experience.
  • Their flared base helps in keeping these plugs at the right place and prevents slipping.
  • Some of these plugs come with a ribbed silicone design or an uneven pattern for the people who have got accustomed to the usage of these plugs and are ready to expand their pleasure and girth even more!


These butt plugs have umpteen perks when it comes to their versatility, for instance:

  • A beginner trying to initiate anal activities should definitely go for these plugs as these plugs do not pain much when inserted with a generous amount of lubrication.
  • These plugs can be inflated according to how much the user can easily endure and these can be used for practising as they can prepare the them for bigger anal activities and anal sex.
  • These plugs are the best helpers when it comes to safely increasing the girth of your anal area.
  • The inflation inside the butt gives the user a feeling of extreme sensation and fullness, leading to a great orgasm and high satisfaction.
  • It can be used easily by singles and couples can also take turns. This product can inflate as big as four times the original size and guarantee an ecstatic experience.


  • These silicone do not need a heavy maintenance as silicone is very easy to wash and does not develop any germs if kept covered and safe.
  • The apparatus used in these plugs is also highly protected and neatly arranged so that the user won’t have to worry about any early stage damage in the product.
  • The build quality is premium, they are 100% waterproof which adds up to their perks as they can even be used while bathing!


These plugs are available from a price range as affordable as 15$ and above. Anal lovers should definitely go for these plugs are they are the most versatile of all and are priced so reasonably!

Bunny tail butt plugs

Can I have my carrot honey? I am a sexy hungry bunny!

We are quite sure that our customers would already be drooling just at the sight of these insanely cute and beautiful butt plugs. We all have these secret fantasies of cosplaying for our partners, some people like it hot, some people like it sexy but then, there are also some people who like it cute! Bunny tail plugs are serving this very purpose!

Everybody likes a cute little bunny hopping in your bed all round with a cute little tail pinned to the top of their butts. Everyone! Bunny tail plugs are an amazing choice for the people having a desire to be equally cute and hot at the same time.


Just like, fox tail plugs and other animal tail plugs, bunny tail plugs are also one of the most adored butt plugs of all time as there are numerous ways in which these butt plugs can be used.

  • These bunny tail plugs can be used for cosplays, can be worn to sexy parties with your homies and can also be used to entice your partner to go mad over your little tail and make sure your partner follows you and your butt all the way!
  • These plugs also come in a wide variety when it comes to the plug material, the fur material or the colors. Customers can select whether they want to buy a metal plug or a silicone plug or a glass plug.
  • All the materials have their own benefits. The silicone plugs are always safer to use and never even remotely cause any harm to the user as it’s just a developed form of plastic. Steel plugs have a rigid texture and can give the user a fuller and rigid experience. Glass plugs are attractive to look at, and very sturdy.

Hollow flower butt plugs

Presenting to you, the hollow flower butt plugs!


  • These butt plugs basically serve the purpose of expanding the girth of your anus.
  • These butt plugs can best suit your initial practices at expanding your anus for several anal activities.
  • These plugs can also be used by the couples who do not like the continuous contraction and expansion of inner skin during sex


  • They come in different materials like, metal butt plugs and silicone butt plugs or glass butt plugs.
  • The perk of a silicone butt plug of this kind is that the non-rigid nature of silicone allows the user to insert it easily without pain and then the flower-like structure opens inside the anus to create a fixture and stable hold.


  • Some of these butt plugs come with a ribbed inner lining which gives intensified pleasure to the person using it either alone or with a partner.
  • The people practising the use of these butt plugs can accomplish an extremely comfortable hold at nearly every anal activity.


  • These butt plugs come in various sizes and some of them are gigantic. The customers are advised to choose the size carefully as these plugs can cause trouble if not used properly.
  • The users should not pressurise their skin as it might lead to tissue damage or extreme pain. Choose only the size that your body can accept.



These butt plugs are also very affordable as they start from the range of 10$ and more. These can prove to be the best butt plugs for people looking for expanders to enjoy many anal activities in future.

A tube of lube, some dirty moves. A will to play and see how these plugs make your day! Explore your backdoor because other than you boring sex, there is a lot more! Be safe, play safe, be wise and see how your orgasms rise.

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