15 Pocket Pussies for Realistic Vagina Pleasure

#1 TENGA Zero Flip Hole
FOS Autoblow pocket pussy

  • G Spot Vibration

  • 13+ Vibration Modes

  • Multiple simulation like Vaginal Sex, Blow Job, Anal Sex etc.

  • Eco Friendly Silicon Material

  • 100% Discreet Packaging

#2 Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Best Fleshlight to Buy

  • Simulates the sensations like real sex and helps in your improving real life performance in bed.

  • The real like simulation increases sexual stamina naturally.

  • Works best when used with GUN OIL H2O WATER BASED LUBE

#3 Elsa Jean's Fleshlight Tight & cleverly

Else Fleshlight

  • Elsa Jean’s pussy mold is used to design this fleshlight and you know she has the best pussy in the world.

  • Universal size that fits all!

  • Try GUN OIL H2O WATER BASED LUBE for better performance.

#4 Fleshlight Destroya

the dick destroya pocket pussy

  • Tight like a teen and the intense texture will give you heavenly sex simulation.

  • It gives all the corners massage to your dick.

  • Try with GUN OIL H2O WATER BASED LUBE for better performance.

#5- TENGA 3D Spirala

the dick destroya pocket pussy

  • Small and can fit into small spaces

  • It responds to temperature 

  • Tight like a lifelike teen’s pussy

  • Can take in just four inches

#6- Utensil Race Proof 008

the dick destroya pocket pussy

  • Designed from Japanese adult film actress Hibiki Otsuki’s Vegina 

  • Realistic, Soft, stretchy material 

  • Separate internal chambers for increased sensation

  • Contains a G Spot, that pentrates your dick with extreme sensations

  • Comes with a free lubricant so that you can enjoy as soon as you open the box. 

#7- Riley Reid Utopia Texture

the dick destroya pocket pussy

  • Designed using 3D printer crafted on Riley Reid intimate parts  

  • Can take in up to 8.5 inches of dick

  • High stimulation 

  • The Sleeve Contains Pleasure pockets

  • Realistic Experience

  • Premium Quality

#8- Turbo Thrust 

the dick destroya pocket pussy

  • Stimulates the feeling of a blowjob

  • Durable

  • Made from superskin material for look & feel realistic

  • Versatile

  • Rated 5 Star on Major Marketplace

  • Premium Quality

While it might be fun for some men to walk into the club, get a random girl and fuck her six ways to Sunday, some men prefer to be selfish with all that pleasure, so they stay indoors, while they provide that pleasure for themselves, fucking something with a hole, till they cum. 

First of all, can we agree that people who bore a hole in a watermelon and fuck it are creepy? Yes, they are. 

And let us not start with those who bore a hole in their mattresses, someone has gotta tell them that mattresses were created for sleeping purposes, and if there was any sexual business that had to do with a mattress, it will be on the mattress, not in the mattress.

To get maximum pleasure from masturbating, whatever you are sticking your dick into has to be warm, soft and tight like an actual pussy. 

You need to feel the gripping hug-like feeling that happens to your dick every time it enters into a warm pussy, and well, sorry to disappoint you, but your hands are too hard for this job, and fruit just won’t do. 




15 of the best pocket pussy on the market.


15. Ultra Holly by Thrust Pro 

Ultra holly the best pocket pussy.

The insides of the holly have canals shaped like an actual vagina. As you push your way through this tight warm goodness, it feels as if you are making your way into an actual vagina with all that welcoming feel. It comes with a Gspot inside, that gives the cap of your penis a little tickle as it gets to that spot.

If pleasure ever had a different description, now would be the right time to say it. It is made of super-skin rubber, which is very soft. However, this is not going to last. It should serve you about 6 months and about 50 uses so far. You would need to clean it regularly to allow it last up to the 6 months, else it will wear out before you get there. It is not very expensive, as around $35 should get you one. 

  • Made from super-skin rubber 
  • Possesses a G-spot 
  • Possesses canals to increase pleasure 




  • The G-spot feature aids to provide maximum pleasure for the user 
  • The canals make it feel like you are fucking an actual pussy
  • It is affordable


  • The canals inside it make it difficult to clean.


14.The Tenga zero flip hole

The Tenga zero fit

This is that pocket pussy you use when you are mad at something or someone, and you just want to intensely fuck away all that anger, and well, there is not a woman around who can take all that angry dick. While the name sounds like a combat game with heavy machinery, this is just one of the best fuckers money can buy.

The insides of all that robotic ensemble is a polymer infused materiel, which is just like your skin. It also comes with a cap that will catch all that spillage that happens when you can no longer take all that pleasure. Here is the best part about this magical fuck-hole, it comes with three pressure settings for the suction, so you can press to go slowly, then press to go faster as your pleasure builds up to the max. 

This pocket pussy just fucks you and you do not have to do so much, it is like having a girl ride you to the heavens and back. If you ever fantasized about having a blowjob in crazy places, you do not have to anymore. 

  • Hard exterior 
  • Polymer-infused insides 
  • Three pressure buttons 
  • Masturbator. 


  • Built to give maximum pleasure 
  • Mechanical, so you do not have to work it 
  • Pressure buttons help you move at a pace you like.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can be used without an erection as it stimulates perfectly 


  • You will need to use up a lot of lube as this can hurt your skin 
  • If you are not experienced in sex and the use of pocket pussy, this might be too intense for you


13.The Tenga deep throat 

The Tenga deep throat

Someone decided not to give you a blow job because they were mad? Oh well, moving on. The Tenga deep throat is shaped like a tongue, and boy does it suck that dick like a pro. It is small, can fit into your pocket, and you can have a go at it just about anywhere you would have found it comfortable to have your dick sucked or give yourself a handjob.

The insides are thin, ribbed and flexible. For every thrust you make in that hole, you are thanking your stars that she decided to walk away because she would never have been that good. 


  • Small and can fit into your pocket 
  • Thin, flexible and ribbed interior
  • One use only 


  • It is cheap pocket pussy, you can get one for around 15 dollars
  • Feels just like a tongue 
  • It is disposable so does not require cleaning 
  • Good for the perfect foreplay 
  • You can only use it once, which means if you would like more than one blowjob, you will need to get more than one, and with 15 dollars per one, it starts to get expensive at the 5th one 


12. The blewit 

theblewit pocket pussy

Coming in colorful and attractive exterior, the blewit is an easy and quick jerkoff instrument. It is perfect for those who just want a quick release before work in the morning, and or maybe one between the day.

It is not a self-help toy, so you will have to work it yourself, hence the pressure depends on you and how much you want it. While that might be tiring for some, it is just perfect for some, especially newbies who are still exploring the world of sex and masturbation. It comes with pleasure rings which can be adjusted to control either the tightness of grip or how lose you need it to be.

Either way, this works fine for newbies and pros who want something easy.

This is like a girl with a great pussy but a lazy sex drive, so you have to do all the work, the pounding, flipping, all of it.



  • Adjustable pleasure rings 
  • Colorful exterior 


  • You can decide how you want it to go, as you have to work it yourself 
  • It is a stamina and performance enhancer 
  • It is convenient 


  • It is not intense, hence it is not a super pleasure giver 
  • If you already have great stamina and you are looking for a challenge, this is not the pussy for you. 
  • It is boring. 


11. Stoya destroya 

Stoya Destroya

This belongs to the fleshlight group of fuck-holes. Designed after the amazing pornstar Stoya, this has one of the finest faux pussies ever, you just gotta stick your finger in it to understand the maximum pleasure your dick will experience once it goes into that hole.

 It has a squeeze feel that looks like a pussy-grabbing your dick at first entrance. You have to work this yourself, but the pleasure is so intense that you might not be able to keep your load in for as long as you thought. This tests the stamina you are so sure you have. 

It can take dick up to nine inches, so you do not have to worry about your some of your dick not getting all of that goodness, no, every bit of your dick will get that good and more. 

Oh, the best part of fucking the destroya as watching a Stoya starred porn and getting to feel like you are fucking her.



  • 9 inches long, takes up to 8.5 inches in.
  • Designed after Stoya 


  • Gives maximum stimulation and intense pleasure 
  • This is probably the closest you would get to fucking Stoya. 


  • This is pretty expensive, as one might cost you around $150 


10. Meiki no Syoumei EXP Saki Ootsuka 

Meiki no Syoumei EXP Saki Ootsuka

Ignore the name, chances are, you cannot pronounce it, but look at the last two words. That is the name of the hot Japanese porn star, this fucker was named after her.

If you are into Japanese porn, then this is the perfect fucker for you, if you do not know her, please google her, watch her in some highly stimulating videos, and fuck yourself to the tenth heavens screaming her name. 

This masturbator was made with realism as the main focus. It has soft and squeezes feel insides. The length goes up to six inches. 



  • Modeled after Saki Ootsuka 
  • About 6 inches length 


  • Gives maximum pleasure 
  • Might be the closest you come, to fucking saki 


  • It is modeled after a Japanese porn star, if Japanese porn movies do not get you on, this might just waste your time. 
  • If you have a longer penis and you like to cover all through when you fuck, this fucker comes with just 6 inches and may not be it for you.


9. Elsa Jean tasty  

This is one of the productions of the fleshlight, and this is modeled after the hot porn star Elsa Jean. The insides of this fuck-hole are textured in such a way that you may not get through the first few thrusts without spilling your load all over the place. If you thought your stamina was great, Elsa is about to prove you wrong, and she intends to make it fun, with dizzying pleasures.

It comes with different chambers inside it, and each one has different textures and tightness. Elsa seems to be offering you more than just one pussy as seen with this fleshlight. 

It can take in up to 9inches long penis, so every bit of your stick is feeling this warmth.



  • Modeled after Elsa jean 
  • Can take in up to 9 inches long 


  • It is signed and endorsed by Elsa Jean herself 
  • Comes with two orifices options, the more the merrier, right?
  • Has a great sleeve texture 
  • It can test your stamina as it comes with intense pleasure. 
  • It comes with different chambers, so each chamber brings a different pleasure thrill. Worth the ride 


  • It is quite expensive. 
  • It is a bit heavy 
  • The sleeve it comes with stays for as long as you have it, you cannot decide to swap the sleeve for another one, it won’t work.


8. TENGA 3D Spiral Textured Male Masturbator

TENGA 3D Spiral Textured Male Masturbator

This is one of those pocket pussies that sound like a piece of heavy machinery developed for war. This one was developed for a war-like intense pleasure. It is small and can fit into a small part of the bag, or in your pocket.

This is not for the faint-hearted, as each movement sends your mind a little further away from your body. Needless to say, the spiral fucks you crazy. 

It is stretchable, so no matter the size of your dick, the spiral can take you, all in, while pleasuring as you have never experienced before. 

As you fuck, it begins to get warm, like an actual pussy. It is very tight and you can grip the outsides to increase pleasure.





  • Small and can fit into small spaces 
  • It responds to temperature 
  • Tight 
  • Can take in just four inches 


  • Can fit into anywhere because of the size 
  • Gives maximum pleasure 
  • It responds to temperature, meaning with the right amount of lubrication, you are fucking an actual wet, warm pussy. 


  • It is just about 4 inches long, so you may not be able to fix the whole of your dick in it if you are on the long side of the dick world.


7. Hibiki Otsuki’s vagina Realistic Pussy Masturbator

Modeled after the pornstar Hibiki Otsuki, this masturbator is the perfect pleasure giver. It is ultra-realistic and if you throw your head back and let yourself enjoy this act, you will be fucking a real pussy in your head. Hibiki Otsuki rides you in whatever style you can see her in, in your mind. For those who like to fuck underwater and never had the chance to, well, now is the time to go and turn on your tap, run a bath and allow the amazing Hibiki Otsuki fuck you into the next decade while in that tub, and it does not matter if we just started this one. This masturbator is a hundred percent waterproof. 




  • Ultra-realistic 
  • It was modeled after Hibiki Otsuki’s vagina
  • It is waterproof 
  • Can only take in 5.5 inches


  • High stimulation offers maximum pleasure 
  • It is waterproof so can be used in tubs and pools if you are feeling silly
  • Easy to clean, if you can navigate your way through all that fleshy mold without getting horny.


  • It is quite expensive. Expect to spend at least $100 getting one of these.


6. Lovense max 2

Lovense max 2

If you ever thought technology could not make you wowed again, think again, because the Lovense max 2 is on a mission to completely blow your mind, right after it has made you blow your cum all over the place.

It comes with a vibration mode which can be controlled, it is also built in a way that all parts of your dick can be compressed in the most pleasurable manner. And the best part is that you can control it from your phone.

It is rechargeable, so you can just plug it when you are leaving your house, and when you come back, had a cold glass of wine while you allow this amazing invention fuck your brains out. If the suction is too much or too little for you, there is an air vent from which you can control the suction. It is adjustable to take in any size, and it stimulates as it you thrust.



  • Smartphone controlled 
  • Three Vibration mode enabled 
  • Rechargeable 
  • Adjustable suction 
  • 360 compression 


  • High stimulation gives maximum pleasure 
  • It can be controlled from your Smartphone 
  • You can control the suction to do as you would want it to 
  • The 360 compression allows for intense pleasuring 


  • This device is pretty expensive 
  • The material inside the pussy is a tad too soft and may not give you the required pleasure at the beginning
  • It is high maintenance 
  • The battery does not last long, so if you were looking to go a few rounds with this at a go, you might be disappointed. 


5. Riley Reid Utopia 

Riley Reid Utopia

This is one of the fleshlight’s designed-after-a-hot-porn-star collection. This one is designed after the beautiful and sexy Riley Reid. It can take in up to 9inches of dick and so if you want the whole of your dick to be covered, then you are in luck, as the whole of you will go down into Riley’s warm and inviting fuck hole.

It comes with a newly improved coiled design that comes attached with pleasure pockets. 

It works on your stamina, as the pleasure it comes with might just make you nut in fewer minutes than you thought was possible, so this is the perfect stamina control.

 If you can last long without nutting while fucking Riley, then you should earn a well-deserved reputation among the ladies. 



  • Designed after Riley Reid 
  • Can take in up to 8.5 inches of dick 
  • High stimulation 
  • Pleasure pockets


  • The high stimulation allows for maximum pleasure
  • It is made from a material that feels good on the skin
  • Easy to clean 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Very tight 


  • Riley does not come cheap, if you intend to purchase, you should be willing to spend about $150 getting a Riley 
  • Has a bit of a smell 


4. Stamina training unit 

Stamina training

Just as the name implies, the stamina training unit is built to train your stamina, meaning, it is built to make you nut in seconds, so you have to find a way to work with the friction in a way that you do not cum easy. 

Good luck with that one, as this is one badass pleasure giver, you will not know when you spill all over the places, as this pussy grips and strokes you whole. It has a nipple alley pattern built in to simply drive you crazy.

 Every move the Stamina training unit makes, it is in a bid to make you cum faster, so you can imagine what you are going to be up against fucking this. Try not to outdo yourself anyway, you have got time to win the pussy. Or, you can just relax and enjoy being fucked by one of the best fleshlights in the world. What have you got to lose? 



  • Discrete Gold case 
  • Lady orifice 
  • Superskin sleeve 


  • Increased friction and high stimulation aid maximum pleasure 
  • Can easily be cleaned
  • Low maintenance 


  • You should spend at least $70 get one of these, so it certainly does not come cheap 


3. The fleshlight Turbo Thrust 

This is a collection under the fleshlight group. There are two fuck- holes in this turbo series collection, one is called the thrust and the other is called the ignition. The turbo series can either work automated or manually. If you want to do yourself, you can, manually. You can also work it automatically and allow it fuck you recklessly and repeatedly until you have gotten to the point where you cannot take anymore. 

The thrust is designed in a way that mimics the feeling of having oral sex. The deep-throating, the slurp, all of it is featured in the thrust. It has an internal texture that allows for this to happen.

The fleshlight turbo thrust is tight and can take in up to 8,5 inches of dick. It provides high stimulation of maximum pleasure. It can stretch to accept the size of any kind of a dick.



  • Stimulates the feeling of a blowjob 
  • Durable 
  • Made from super skin material
  • Versatile


  • The fleshlight turbo thrust can work automatically, making you enjoy such pleasure without any hassle. 
  • The material used to make the pocket pussy is skin safe 


  • It does not possess life-life orifices
  • It is somewhat heavy, and you might get tired of using them manually.


2.  Agent Getsmeoff – Best Vibrating Pocket Pussy 

Agent Getsmeoff – Best Vibrating Pocket Pussy

There is a rather interesting back-story for this pocket pussy. This beauty was named themed concerning the black widow from the avenger’s movies. There are 9 patterns and three speeds to this, so you have a long list of options to choose from. The sleeve, of course, is made from the comfortable, pleasure-giving super-skin material. 

The super-skin material is stealthily giving the silicone a run for its money as it is made to look just like real skin. 

You can recharge this pocket pussy and let it fuck you when you are in the mood to get fucked. 


  • Rechargeable 
  • 9 patterns 
  • 3 speeds 
  • Vibration 


  • The three speeds and 9 patterns provide maximum pleasure and allow for you to alternate between decisions to pick what kind of pleasure you are up for at that moment.
  • It can be used both manually and automatically 


  • • It is quite heavy and bigger than what a ‘pocket’ pussy should look like 
  • • It does not come cheap


1.  Paloqueth Vibrating Fake Vagina 

Paloqueth Vibrating Pocket Vagina

This is a pocket pussy that comes with a detachable vibrator. If you wanted to have a freaky sex event, then you have the vibrator to add, but if you wanted just something usual, then you can make use of the pocket pussy without the vibrator.

When making use of the pocket pussy, if you want an extra tight feeling, you can squeeze it on both sides and give yourself the juicy pussy feeling that you desire. This works better when the vibrator is attached, so as you squeeze, the vibrator adds pressure on your dick, increasing the stimulation that already started from your dick being inside the pussy in the first place.


  • Super-skin inside 
  • Detachable vibrator 
  • • Battery usage 
  • • It has one vibration speed. 


  • It is easy to clean as you can easily detach the skin, and the vibrator to allow for proper cleaning. 



  • It has only some vibration speed, so you really cannot determine how much vibrating pleasure you are getting. As much as the pocket pussy offers, that is as much you would get.
  • It requires a change of batteries, and they do not seem to last and can go off in the middle of your business.

These pocket pussies are created to give you maximum pleasure. Each one has its pros and cons, so you are left with the option to choose your kind of crazy.


Here are the different kinds of pocket pussies 

Silicone pocket pussy: This comes at the top of the list because they give the most pleasure, maybe because silicon feels a lot like flesh, meaning it feels like the real deal when fucking. It is also more expensive than the rest, for the same reason most likely. 

Fleshlights: This can come in different forms. It can come with a mouth, just in case you are aiming for some suck-tongue action, it can also come in anal, if that is your kink, and of course it comes with a pussy as well. It is shaped like a flashlight, hence the name. 

The hands-free: Every pocket pussy in this category takes away the work from your hands, all you have to do is stick in and watch it fuck you to oblivion.

Tenga eggs: These are stretchy and they stretch over the penis as you make use of them. They look like eggs. The stretchy thing it does makes it feel like a mouth and a pussy at the same time, if that is not bliss, then what is?

The vibrators: These are a killer. It is a pussy with a vibrator, close your eyes and think of a warm vibrating pussy covering your penis and you would understand why this is the best thing since sex happened. 

Onaholes: This is a bit of fun and enjoyment, in that it comes in different shapes, sizes, and themes. So, you can get different shapes and themes, might just feel like fucking different pussies when you feel like it. Life, after all, is what you make of it, who says sex cannot be as well? And oh, it is Japanese too, so if you ever had a fantasy to fuck a Japanese porn star, well, here is a way to imagine and recklessly fuck one. 

Another thing getting a pocket pussy is dependent on is your finances. While some go as low as $15, others go as high as $150, each of them serving the same purpose which is to fuck you but doing it in a lot of different ways. Either by giving you a mechanized blowjob, or fucking you with an ultra-reality pussy, which feels a lot like the real deal. 

Now that there is a long list of the best pocket pussies in the market, you are left with the decision of which fuck-hole would satisfy your needs accordingly.

Would you prefer to fuck the remake of a Japanese porn star’s vagina? Or would you rather do American? More importantly, would you like to bring out the freakiest part of you and let a vibrating pocket pussy fuck you like nothing ever has before?

This depends on you and what your dick wants. 


Pocket Pussy FAQs

❤️What is a pocket pussy?
A pocket pussy also called an artificial vagina, is a masturbation tool usually built to look and feel like a vagina.
❤️How does a pocket pussy work?
Except it comes with a few technicalities you are not used to, which in most cases will come with a manual,  a pocket pussy works in a pretty straightforward manner. As long as you are well lubricated and with an erection, all you have to do is move your dick in with a little force and thrust. 
❤️How to clean a pocket pussy?

Cleaning a pocket pussy is highly dependent on the type of material used to make it.

Here are different pocket pussy materials and how to clean them . 

  • Elastomer or latex materials: Clean with a soapy washcloth soaked in warm water, and wash with warm water. 
  • Super-skin material: Clean with a soapy washcloth and rinse with warm water. Limit the amount of time it spends soaked in soap.
  • Abs material: Wash with warm water and soap. (Use a mild soap)
  • Silicone material: Boil in water for proper disinfection

If any of these toys come with a vibrator, detach and wash. If the vibrator is not detachable, clean well with a soapy washcloth and rinse in warm water. Air dry. 

❤️How much is a pocket pussy?
The price of a pocket pussy is highly dependent on the type and grade of pocket pussy bought. You can get for as low as $15, you can also get for as high as $200. 
❤️ How to use a fake pussy?

Use a pocket pussy in these few steps 

  • Lubricate properly
  • Using a little force, make your way into the pocket pussy
  • Start with slow thrusts and increase the pace as you go.

Do not share your pocket pussy, unless you are using a condom, you can contact an STD from that act.

Cheers to an adventurous enjoyment.

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