Best Male Enhancement Pills | 6 Magical Products with [No] Side-effects

There exists no other better crisis for a man than this one unable to achieve an erection to justify his act of making love to his partner. And when you speak about the partner, just how much she would delight, she would also love to see the erection that would please her in the process. A shriveled Penis is no joy to either of them!

The bedroom is lit up beautifully. The lights are filtered through exotic cloured shades and emit a brightness that does not hurt the eye but adequate to view your partner’s curves, through her transparent negligee. You can make out the thin lines of her exquisite lingerie as they enhance her creamy mounds. She is so propped up, ready for the ecstatic action to follow, and extends her lovely slim arms. And you jump on to the bed and indulge in exciting foreplay as she enjoys it with every second passing by. But you are well aware of something else, she may not be aware of. Your Libido is not experiencing the joy it is supposed to, and the shrunken Penis reveals it. The room suddenly caves in on you, for you are not able to complete the procedure that would have delighted you both. The curtains go down once again on you and the need of the hour is to find a solution

Best Male Enlargement

Of Course, one can say that the lady can do things to make him achieve it, but we are talking about those failures only. The main reason for the male to carry an enlarged penis is during sexual Intercourse, which is that it can excite his partners to no end. The Penis can move into the Vagina in the smoothest way possible to hit the spot once it is lubricated well enough. It is a fact that the female experiences arousal at the touch of her partner in her sensitive areas, and it is a sheer reflex that causes the moistness inside their Vagina. For that, they would love to see and feel the Penis in the most enlarged form. The pathway is shown for you. It would be a shame to push a half-erect Penis into the Vagina, which would also resist automatically due to a lack of adequate lubrication.

This results in reduced sex drive, a libido, which is a big disappointment, and erectile dysfunction. Lovemaking is the best way to relax, as it enhances your confidence, justifies that you are a male, and soothes the relationship. No amount of foreplay is equivalent to that of an erect penis.

So, what is the best solution? I traveled through various sites on the Internet or shop for a male enhancement pill in a pharmacy. The captions they carry on them are interesting. But trust me! They are all fake claims with glamour round them. But I knew there are genuine products too. I had to hunt them down, and for that, I needed to enhance my knowledge.

 There are specific ingredients from Mother Nature, that would cause an erection. Without these in the mix, the result is a big letdown. The best male enlargement pills are those which contain these ingredients, and my search did narrow down to few products. I have to say, these are far safer than those Viagra ones, and the last thing I  require is side effects.

The results, which I would be letting you know shortly, were developed by the process of elimination. Many male enhancement pills work, but they may be over-priced or too expensive for your budget. Then, it is better to determine which medicine may have the right ingredients and then check the price.

Here are some points to be kept in mind while searching for the right enhancer:

  • Quality cannot be compromised upon, just because the pills deliver the output.
  • The product could be right, but may not be registered with the Government Authority of Medical Sciences.
  • Even though the possibility is rare, but it may exist. It could lead to those adverse side effects.
  • The price may be deliberately kept high above their competition, trying to justify the superior quality.
  • Highly essential, that they enhance your Testosterone levels.
  • Enquire and obtain a report, if possible, on the various studies made on this sex pill for males.
  • One cannot consume these pills for an indefinite period. And it is essential to determine the course length.
  • It is better to compare the costs of the product you may have zeroed upon with other products which promise the same.
  • The relative ease in consuming this best male enlargement pill compared to the other ones.

Since we are through with what constitutes the ideal male enhancer, it’s time to choose which one is best in a narrowed down a shortlist. Every factor would be taken into account here, and the pros and cons are weighed for each.

As mentioned earlier, hardly a percentage of these satisfy the conditions that have been set.

Best Male Enlargement Pills


  1. Max Performer:

Max Performer

Launched in the year 2015, this product has been preferred highly in the market. The company which struck upon the right formulae for a male enhancement pill was Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd. Max Performer was the name of the product, and it suited it well. Max performer scored high marks above its competitors and became the Numero Uno, in the world of best male Enhancement Pills.

The product manufacturers . took only three factors into account before deciding the formulae of the product. They were

  • Libido:

This is the trickiest part of it. Libido is a sex drive, that varies from one person to another. Generally, the sex drive is higher in a male compared to the women. But the fact is that many suffer from LOW libido. This would mean that. The sex Hormones are slow to react, and this has to be increased.

This is where Max Performer gives you the best results. It has the right ingredients to increase the libido levels for the next action to start.

  • Stamina:

Max performer leads to an increase in strength, which you may have never experienced before. You would feel like race Horse, which would never tire even after crossing the finish line.

  • Erection:

The penis is not going to be erect all the time. It is the arousal from the libido, which causes it. One needs to know, what is the technicality on how an erection is created. There are two chambers inside the male sexual organ, known as Corpora Cavernosa. The chambers are spongy, and it consists of many tissues. When arousal is created, the chambers will enlargen since there is a lot of blood flushed into it. These chambers are partially kept open all the time. As soon as the arousal occurs, the brain alerts the hormones which open up the Arteries. Now, through these open arteries. Blood enters the chambers and compresses the veins. Once the veins get compressed, the blood is trapped inside the Penis. This causes the erection and would be sustained until the brain ceases the signals, and as a result, the penis loses its construction.

The main ingredients in Max performer perform this function only. These are Horny Goat weed, Maca, and Korean red Gensing. , iron, Niacin, Bioperine, Cordyceps, Riboflavin, etc. Max Performer is the only product to have nearly 15 natural ingredients in them. The medicinal values of these ingredients have been explained in detail in the paragraphs found below.

Max performer is safe, with no side effects and ensures 100 percent satisfaction. The manufacturers are incredibly confident of their product that they dare offer a Money back guarantee within a period of one hundred days if the client finds the product dissatisfactory.

They are also well equipped to transport their product worldwide and on time.

 Customer Support:

You can contact them via Email vide this address: They attend to your queries and ensure that the response reaches you as early as possible since they have the support staff working 24/7. The company is located in London, on this address:

Silver Blade Nutrition LTD,20 ­22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU, United Kingdom.

Pros & Cons of Max Performer:


  • The Libido action is heightened dramatically with the use of these pills.
  • One experience an erection never experienced before.
  • The duration of the erection with Max Performer is more comparatively/
  • One can hold their construction longer, allowing your partner to achieve her orgasm first.
  • Boosts your confidence.
  • Stamina levels are enhanced, and you can delight one and another by extending the process.
  • There would be no embarrassment as you turn into a performer, from being a non-performer.
  • Orgasm is bound to occur, and there is no doubting that. With Max Performer, multiple orgasms are never a distinct possibility.
  • With renewed confidence, thanks to Max Performer, romance is bound to come back into your life.
  • All the ingredients in Max Performer, are meant for natural male enhancement and without any side effects.
  • The best judge would be your lover, and her eagerness to make love is the proof that Max Performer has succeeded.
  • The money-back-guarantee is incredibly positive.
  • A doctor’s prescription is not required.


  • The very fact that you have to seek the help of a male enhancer kills your instincts.
  • It is an additional cost burden since they are expensive.
  • There is no 100 percent guarantee that it would work.
  • Despite the assurance, there are no side effects; one should not forget, side effects depend upon the constitution of the person.
  • Addiction to the pill is dangerous, and all your natural strengths take a hit, lowering your confidence.
  • If people around you get to know you are using male enhancer pills that work, it may result in heckling.
  • The danger of consuming, “near expiry” or expired pills.
  • One cannot sue the pharmaceutical company for the pills ‘failing’ since this is done at your own risk.

2. Vigrxplus 


These Male enhancer pills come in a sleek package with a big claim that they are bigger, more durable, and harder. Their motto is to deliver results. Vigrxplus pride themselves upon arriving at the right combination of ingredients after a lot o f research. This supplement can be purchased only their official website.

Review of  VigRX Plus:

  • Vigrxplus is a product for penis enlargement for sexual enhancement and is clinically proven safe.
  • It is a dietary supplement only and ensures the hardening of the penis.
  • Testosterone is an anabolic hormone, and in case of lower production inside the male system, it can be artificially stimulated. Vigrxplus does that only. The pill stimulates the blood flow into the chambers and, in the process, enhances the Testosterone levels. This helps one gain a natural erection.
  • The advantage of Vigrxplus is that it is easy to procure and from a genuine source. If one feels like having sex, he needs to pop in a pill only. The process of making the penis big and robust starts almost immediately.
  • Vigrxplus are very confident that their product has been created using the most natural of ingredients and found below is a brief analysis of that:

Recommended dosage: consume one pill after lunch and another after dinner. Please make sure you drink it with plain water at room temperature.


Supply options Price
Supply for 30 days $69
Supply for 60 days $129
Supply for 90 days $179
Supply for  180 days $329
Supply for 365 days $589
  1. The extract of  Muira Pauma Bark:  This is popularly known as a root that causes erection in the male, and its origins can be traced back to Brazil. The natives of those Brazillain tribes were well aware of its aphrodisiac nature and have consumed it over a thousand years now. It was only in the years 1994 that one scientist by the name Dr.Waynberg did a sample survey, and he chose more than 250 males who consumed it. This was after ensuring, these men had libido issues. The ‘samples were put under observation for a fortnight, and more than sixty percent reported a massive change in their erectile functions, and the others stated it had enhanced their desire levels as well as their libidos.
  2. Damiana is a plant that does not grow much in height and but possesses a unique fragrance, and it looks beautiful with yellow-colored leaves. It was the Mayan civilization who used it first, which indicates that this plant has been around for thousands of years. The Mayans believed in its medicinal values of serving as a tonic to their bladder and an aphrodisiac also. Scientifically, this plant is called Turneradiffusa Damiana. the primary function of the plant is to set the muscles found along the walls of the penis and relax them. This naturally enhances the blood flow into the chambers of the Penis and creates a passageway for the blood to flow in and cause an erection.
  3. Epimedium leaf is an old Chinese remedy, which was discovered by the Italian research scientists. they have provided a lot of evidence that this herb is a strong aphrodisiac that would fight against penis erection issues. In that context, they also refer to it as “Horny Goat Weed.” This herb or weed ensures the emergence of blood vessels, new in nature, and relaxes the tiny muscles to allow blood flow.


  • Increases the flow of blood to the Penis.
  • If one compares the erection size before consuming Vigrxplus, with the present size after consumption, they would know this works.
  • Androgens are simulated and segregated.
  • Terrific boost in stamina levels
  • Testosterone levels shoot up significantly.
  • Sex drive is assured along with libido levels going up.
  • Maximizes the pleasure during sex.
  • Elevates your performance within a few minutes while having sex.
  • The new-found confidence has no limits.
  • There is a money-back guarantee if the client is not satisfied with Vigrxplus. However, the product should have been purchased by the client only through their website, and the return should be effected within sixty-seven days.
  • Shipping charges are free of cost, provided you order three or more packets.


  • The pills come in two forms. One is synthetic, and the other is organic.
  • The latter takes time to react while the former has a much faster reaction.
  • The only problem is that the synthetic pill may have a lot of side effects compared to that of Organic medicine.
  • There is no guarantee that there would be no premature ejaculation.
  • These pills should not be taken without consulting your Doctor.
  • Aphrodisiacs will not suit everybody.
  • One cannot continuously take male enhancer pills for a lifetime, and it is back to square A if one stops taking them.
    It is a stress on your budget.


3. Male Extra:

Male Extra

Would it not be advisable to buy a product, which is backed up by thorough medical and scientific research? Male Extra qualifies as the best male enhancer pills in this regard.

Let us review this product now :

  • Male extra has proven to be a great product to enhance quality sex life.
  • The claim that it makes for male enhancement is also not doubtful.
  • Male extra provides an enlargement of one’s manhood only for a temporary period and does not cure the ailment of not having a spontaneous erection.
  • Male Extra would reduce the chances of developing various Urologic ailments since there is a significant increase in the flow of blood into the area where the pelvis is located.
  • Examples of Urological disorders are many. A few important ones are prostatitis and urethritis. Apart from this are the malfunctioning of the penis known as erectile dysfunctioning with the testicles.
  • Male  Extra is a mix of all-natural ingredients. Despite that, one should take precautions.

Let us review the ingredients in Male Extra now:

  1. L-Arginine:

Amino Acids do play a role in here, and to be specific, it is Nitric Oxide. The segregation of Nitric Oxide has been proven, time and again, that it directly leads to the erection size of the Penis. Studies show that 37 % of people who had erectile Dysfunction were treated with l-arginine for four weeks reported success in their erection and the quality of it as positive.

Yet another study revealed that 31%who took in l-arginine enjoyed an excellent, healthy sex life after consuming it for six weeks. It was Nitric oxide, which was the reason for success.

  1. Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid is also natural ingredients in Male extra. Pomegranates are antioxidative by nature, and the acid drawn from them would enhance the quality of the erections a man would have. The function of this acid is to increase the blood circulation, and as a result, their stamina would increase.

If one were to consume Pomegranate juice every day for 90 days, blood circulation is to bound to increase by at least 17%. Pomegranate juice improves stamina, and people do not get too tired quickly. All these excellent properties ensure that one would get the erection and perform tirelessly during the sexual act.

  1. Zinc is directly related to testosterone.

In plain words, the deficiency of zinc in your system would bring down Testosterone levels by 75%. A study was conducted for a few participants, where the diet contained very little zinc, and within four months, the diagnosis revealed that zinc levels that Testosterone levels had dropped significantly, thus leading to erection loss. The reverse of this experiment was also conducted, and the result proved that, with the increase in Zinc, the Testosterone levels shot back to high levels enabling the erection of the penis.

  1. Cordyceps is a Fungi. Many generations have held in the past that Cordyceps has properties of enhancing a person’s sexual health. That would also indicate that these fungi have the same features as an aphrodisiac. As we know, aphrodisiac regulates the libido area after providing a stimulus to the brain. Both these functions play a significant role in creating a drive, which is sexual.

A specific study was conducted on 120 people, who were asked to consume Cordyceps, and 62 people reported a positive vibration in their Libidos.

  1. Niacin’s primary function is to dilate the blood vessels in the Penis area. This would boost their endurance at heightened sexual activity, and Niacin provided them enough blood flow to gain a very erect Penis.



  • Sixty-day money-back guarantee
  • Bigger erections than any other competitor product can claim.
  • Confidence in the bedroom is an all-time high.
  • The erection lasts longer with Male Extra.
  • Male extra sales are more than 12.5 million on a date.
  • Repeat clients indicate product quality.
  • The product has been in the market for a decade despite heavy competition.
  • It would make your partner very delighted since te erection will stay on through the night.
  • The ingredients are from Mother nature, and there is nothing artificial about it.
  • Extensive studies and research done before the manufacture of Male Extra pills and post-manufacture studies too are conducted.
  • Dosages are optimized to provide successful results.
  • Male Extra enlarges the penis from.9 inches to 3 inches!
  • There would not be a single question asked of the client, while returning the product, in case he is not satisfied.
  • It is suitable for all ages. But older adults are requested to consult their physician first.


  • Natural products tend to create an allergy.
  • Once the pills cease to be taken, the client continues to suffer from erectile Dysfunction.
  • Clients become addicted to the pill and attempt to take the extra dosage for optimum results.
  • It is at an extra cost, which would temporarily help you.
  • Not many partners would appreciate your dependency on the pill to get erect. This is because . they would feel their sexual prowess is insufficient to enable a sex drive in you and a resulting erection.
  • The danger of consuming a product that has expired is not to be ruled out.
  • Your body constitution may not be apt to consume Male Extra.
  • Few would shy away from saying in public that they use Male Extra pills.


Prescribed Dosage: Two pills per day.


period quantity Discounted price.
For 30 days One container $64.95
For 120 days Four containers+ free (one)erection gel $197.95
For 180 days Six Containers+2 erection gel free $249.90

4. Rizer XL:

Rizer XL

Consume Rizer XL male enhancement pills, and become’ supercharged’ and this is what the product manufacturers claim with pride.

Naturally, they are talking about supercharging your performance in the bedroom with your partner. They encourage you to become the ultimate sex-machine. Are these tall claims justified or not?

Let’s review Rizer XL.

  • This is a product, that would charge your libido, and override your Erectile Dysfunction. The result is an erection of your penis. With that, you can go on for hours without any loss in steam.
  • It also stretches your ejaculation time and stretches till it satisfies your partners who are bound to reach her climax before you.
  • This is an American product, and its testimonial says, natural and very safe.
  • It has been in the market for more than15 years now and has satisfied more than a million clients.
  • The pills work on a ‘4 tier ‘ basis. It generates your penis to have a hard erection, push stamina levels up, activates your libido and multiplied the level or sperm during ejaculation.
  • It has High-quality natural Ingredients in it. They are
  1. Vitamin B3, which serves as Niacin, is found in most essential foods and is the root cause of many reactions to our system. It synthesizes the sex hormones.
  2. Vitamin E takes care of your skin health. It is a resident of many vegetables, which are leafy green. It enhances sexual and reproductive functions, thanks to a chemical called Erectile Dysfunction.
  3. Hawthorn berries assist blood flow, helps in enhancement of sex, strengthens the vessel or capillaries that carry the blood to the pelvic region, which results in a penile Erection.
  4. Ginseng possesses in it an aphrodisiac, which fights against impotence and ejaculation, which is premature. Ginseng is also known to energize the system by making a tired body fresh. It increases the blood levels and sperm count too.
  5. Inosine functions include lengthening the endurance while having sex and would help you not to ejaculate early.

Apart from these critical ingredients, the others are Tribulus Terrestris, Saw Palmetto, etc.




  • Contains a mix of many natural ingredients,
  • Ensures solid rock Erection
  • Ensures more extended periods in holding back ejaculation.
  • Priced very competitively
  • Support center round the clock
  • Overwhelming, reviews from most users.
  • Money-back Guarantee.


  • Kills natural ability to have erection forever.
  • Even though natural, certain medicines may not agree with all people.
  • Extra stress on Budget.



Quantity Price (discounted)
For 30 days $49.93
For 60 days $89.93
For 90 days $119.93
For 180 days $199.93
For 365 days $299.93

5. Pro Solution Pills:

Pro Solution Pills

Born a male, there are a lot of expectations from others for you to deliver. Apart from bringing in the money, to run the household, there is a necessity to satisfy your lady in the house in bed too. And this is where a lot of gentlemen fail. They are so tired of working throughout the day, and your lover may understand it to a certain extent. The stamina in you is gone when she wants you to make love to her, and it is nothing but frustration that creeps in. It is equally embarrassing for them to witness your failure to have an erect penis, which they long for.

The solution is simple and in arms reach. It comes in the name of a branded, clinically, and time tested product called Pro Solution. It is a male enhancer and is a dietary supplement and would help charge your libido and a rock hard erection.

Let us examine the ingredients briefly.

Korean Ginseng- natural and sets the motion for the blood to flow into the penis area. Its main component is ginsenoside, responsible for erection, which is rock hard. It cures impotence and trauma-related issues.

Momordica kills the excess fat, improves digestion, pushes up testosterone levels, and helps solve Diabetes.

These are the key ingredients, and there are others too. They are Butea Superba, Arjuna, Apigenin and Amla, Reishi Mushroom, Bladderwrack, and last but not least, Solidilin. Each ingredient has specific functions, but the common goal is the same.



  • Gives supreme confidence in bed.
  • They have no side effects generally
  • It is not like Viagra, which is an inferior product.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It promotes a harmonious relationship with your beloved.


  • People in their anxiety tend to consume more pills than prescribed.
  • People do not consult doctors before they start consuming these pills. If the person has existing ailments, Pro Solution should be had only after checking with the physician.


Dosage: Two pills a day. (morning and evening one each).


Quantity Price
Two boxes imported Rs. 6800/-
Three boxes Imported Rs.9800/-
Four Boxes imported Rs.13000/-
Five Boxes imported Rs. 16000/-

6. ExtenZe:


Many men suffer from not being able to sustain their erection, even for a few minutes. As a result, penetration becomes impossible, or they might lose their construction as soon as they enter the vagina. ExtenZe is a supplement that strives to solve such issues. The ingredients inside it support such a function. Let us review these natural Ingredients.

  1. Yohimbine is a herb. It is from the bark of a tree with a similar name, which is found in Africa. The primary function is to treat infertility in males. It generates the blood flow through the use of nitric Oxide residents in it.

       b.Horny goat weed: the main ingredient in this Chinese herb is icariin. This ensures the arteries to stop dilating and allows sufficient blood to flow in, to cause an erection.

The other ingredients found in ExtenZe are L-arginine, Pregnenolone, zinc, etc., which combine with the above to ensure a healthy erection and boost in confidence.



  • Claims to eradicate, all the problems connected with sex, for the male
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Pushes up stamina levels.


  • ExtenZe is not authorized by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration ).
  • lack of proof, that ExtenZe has solved a single case of erectile dysfunction
  • My lead to Heart issues, if regularly consumed.


Pricing: The cost of a 30 tablet pack is $22.70

Dosage: Twice in 24 hours.


1.what is the most effective male enhancement pill?

Answer: Based on the analysis above, the Max performer, is the most effective male enhancement pill.

  1. What do male enhancement pills do / How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

Answer: The pills open up the arteries

Can Penis Enlargement Pills Help?

Answer: Yes, they do help a lot. They boost the confidence of the person who is suffering from a lack of Erection of the penis and boosts his stamina.

Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Answer: Research shows. that there is a high percentage of success. At least 60% have reported total satisfaction with a wide range of pills.

Why Male Extra Penis Enlargement Pills?

Answer: Many suffer from lack of stamina, premature ejaculation, going flaccid in no time, and lack of an erection. This necessity a temporary cure, as the permanent cure is a long drawn process. hence it’s importance.

Can Male Enhancement Pills Be Better Than ED Medications?

Answer: The pills are a temporary solution and not a permanent solution.ED Medications, on the other hand, do not have a good strike rate of success.

Male Enhancement Pills and Nitric Oxide Synthesis

Answer: Nitric Oxide functions as a blood accelerator into the pelvic area. It makes sure that the soft cells are rigid and strong as they can be, to allow the blood coming into the chambers, for the person to achieve maximum libido power and a string, rock hard erection.

Penis Enlargement Pills and Testosterone Levels:

Answer: Testosterone is an anabolic steroid, that leads to good strength and stamina. This is required as strength is the basis of stamina.

Advantages of Male Enhancement Pills:

Answer: It boosts the confidence in the bedroom, with your partner alongside you. With the aid of the pills. you can hold on to your orgasm to a longer period and watch her have her orgasm in delight. The best part is, when you have your orgasm, the fluid outflow is almost endless, as she experiences it flowing into her.

Disadvantages of Penis Enlargement Pills

Answer: There are a few disadvantages. The reaction of these pills would differ from one person to another. If they already have a body ailment, let’s assume high blood pressure, it may not be advisable. The other point is, that we do not know, whether all the ingredients are natural.

How Long to Take Male Enhancement Pills?

Answer: This depends on the person. If he tries to alter his food routine and fitness regime, the pills can be stopped in a maximum of six months.

Is It Worth Trying Penis Enlargement Pills?

Answer: Yes, but after consulting a physician.

Is Permanency of Manhood Enlargement Possible?

Answer: It is very rare. Age is a factor, and if they are healthy even at old age, it is possible. However, there is no big success rate above 70 years of age.

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